MongoDB Announces New Verified Solutions Program

Shelby Carpenter

#MongoDB World

MongoDB is pleased to announce the creation of our new Verified Solutions program, which empowers developers to use third-party tools alongside MongoDB with confidence.

Though MongoDB offers a comprehensive, end-to-end developer data platform, some developers have bespoke needs that require the use of custom or third-party tools to complement MongoDB. Identifying the right third-party tools that will be reliable and performant — or dedicating the time and resources to build custom in-house solutions — can be a significant drain on developers’ time.

That’s where the Verified Solutions program comes in. MongoDB Verified Solutions are third-party tools that are vetted and approved by MongoDB, giving developers the confidence to use them in production environments. Verified Solutions will also be regularly recertified to help prevent issues or breaking changes down the line. And, if developers do run into any trouble, they can get expert, frontline support directly from MongoDB (though we will not guarantee bug fixes). All of this means that developers can spend less time identifying, integrating, and resolving issues with third-party technologies and more time building best-in-class, differentiated applications.

The inaugural offering in the Verified Solutions program will be Mongoose, a popular tool for object-modeling for MongoDB and Node.js applications. Thousands of developers love Mongoose for its schema-based data modeling, built-in type-casting, and help with validation, query building, business logic hooks, and more. As the Verified Solutions program grows, we look forward to adding more third-party tools to further empower developers building cutting-edge applications on MongoDB.