MongoDB Announces the New Atlas CLI

We are pleased to announce the release of the new MongoDB Atlas Command-Line Interface (CLI). The MongoDB Atlas CLI is the fastest way to create and manage an Atlas database, automate ongoing operations, and scale your deployment for the full application development lifecycle.

The Atlas CLI gives users a streamlined experience for both onboarding and ongoing management of your Atlas database in the cloud. It gives you a unified and powerful control plane to manage and automate tasks around your cloud resources all from a single interface. The Atlas CLI provides helpful guardrails, such as intelligent autocomplete, so you can easily view all available commands and syntax, and reduce time spent looking up commands and fixing errors. And with the ability to automate repetitive management tasks like spinning up or pausing clusters, you can improve developer productivity and optimize your CI/CD pipelines with MongoDB.

For new MongoDB Atlas customers, the Atlas CLI gives you the power to get started quickly and streamline the most complex database management jobs. With just two terminal commands, you can start to programmatically manage MongoDB databases, automate user creation, control network access, and much more.

To get started using the Atlas CLI, use the following two commands:

$ brew install mongodb-atlas-cli

This command installs the Atlas CLI via the Homebrew package manager

$ atlas setup

This command launches an interactive wizard that lets you:

  • Sign up and authenticate to Atlas

  • Create a free forever MongoDB database hosted in the cloud

  • Load sample data

  • Create a database user and password

  • Add your IP address to the access list

  • Connect to the cluster using the MongoDB Shell mongosh

In addition to installing via the Homebrew package manager, you can install the MongoDB Atlas CLI via apt-get, yum, and a direct download of installers and binaries.

There’s so much more you can do with the Atlas CLI, including creating serverless instances on Atlas, managing Atlas Search indexes, and setting up Atlas Online Archive. To see a list of all the available commands with the Atlas CLI, enter the command $ atlas --help in the Atlas CLI.

Take the Atlas CLI for a spin today! You can give us any feedback in UserVoice. To learn more about what you can do with the Atlas CLI, check out the documentation page.