MongoDB 1.4 Performance



We generally avoid posting benchmarks and suggest people create their own targeting their use cases. However, we have decided to publish a few of our internal micro-benchmarks comparing 1.2 with 1.4RC2 (aka 1.3.5) to show that in almost all cases performance is the same or better (sometime significantly so), even though we’ve added many new features.

The test works by spawning N threads and having them hammer the DB with one operation as fast as they can. It is probably best to ignore the raw numbers and only look at the relative performance. In particular, these numbers shouldn’t be compared against other databases. 


Code for benchmarks

A few highlights (and one lowlight):

  • Single threaded query performance increased slightly
  • Query performance increases linearly or super-linearly as more cores are used
  • Insert performance increases by 10-30% vs 1.2
  • It is usually faster to create an index after importing your data than before. More so in 1.4.
  • Not shown, but performance for both 1.2 and 1.4 held steady from 10 threads up to at least 500 threads. Even where it looks like the lines will cross, they do not.
  • Update and Upsert performance is the same or higher until using more than 4 hammering threads. In practice, this shouldn’t effect users unless they are already doing more updates per second than the server can handle. Even so, we will look into solutions to this in the 1.5.x series.

This test was run on an Intel Core i7 Quad 860 2.8GHz with 8GB of RAM and an Intel G2 SSD. Even though they improved performance, HyperThreading and TurboBoost were disabled as they can skew results in nondeterministic ways.