MMS Release Notes: PDF Invoices and a Windows Installer for Monitoring



The past few weeks the MMS team has been hard at work on our OnPrem product, so much of the items in today’s release are for our hosted product (“On Premises”) and not our cloud product.  Nevertheless, we did have numerous small, pesky problems that we fixed in this release, as well as some new features. Specifically:

  • PDF Invoices for cloud backup customers

  • A Windows Installer for the monitoring agent

  • Improvements to handling shard removal and config server rotation for backup

  • An event in the activity feed for when billing information is updated

The big ticket item for this release is more of an FYI – we’re currently working on an awesome public API for MMS.  So stay tuned for news on that in the next release or two.

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-Rachelle  (@techbelle)