MMS Release Notes 2015-05-13



Welcome to another MMS release! We are excited to announce the following new features:

Account Self-Closure

While we hope that MMS will be a positive experience for all users, we recognize that sometimes it’s necessary to close an MMS group. To simplify this process, we’ve made it easier for users to close their own groups. Just go to your Administration tab, select Billing/Subscriptions. At the bottom of the page, you will find the close your group link:

Close Account

You will have to re-authenticate and confirm. This will remove all users from the group, delete all hosts from the group, and disable all alerts in the group. It is not possible to close a group with running backups or with an unpaid invoice. Group names cannot be reclaimed.

Webhooks for Alert Notifications

MMS has supported notifications by email, SMS, Hipchat, and PagerDuty for some time now. We are happy to add Webhooks to the mix. Simply add your webhook endpoint to your Administration… Group Settings tab, along with an optional secret for validation:

Webhooks configuration

Once added, you can choose your webhook as a destination for any alerts:

Webhook in use

Thanks for reading!