MetLife's Success with MongoDB

November 19, 2013

MongoDB has helped hundreds of organizations reinvent data management to become more agile and scalable, from geolocation apps like foursquare, to powering next-generation content management systems at MTV. Recently, MetLife faced the challenge of creating a new user-experience optimized application and chose MongoDB as their data engine. The decision resulted in transitioning more than seventy administrative systems to build a product that would effectively serve over one hundred million customers.

With MongoDB, Metlife was able to create a 360-degree representation of each of their customers. The new system simplifies the onboarding process for new hires with no mainframe training, streamlining several business processes for efficiency. MetLife also used MongoDB to create Synapse, a developer recruitment platform to “efficiently match skill sets with open positions, while creating a database of rich, qualified talent.”

As a member of a 140-year old company that champions new technologies, MetLife Senior Architect John Bungert notes, it’s “not just about having the data but about getting to the data. We want to set an example for the type of company we want to be.” With The Wall, MetLife has set a new standard for how insurance providers can create a service that benefits its employees as well as its customers.