Legacy Modernization Leveraging MongoDB and Infosys iDSS

Paresh Saraf and Dhiraj Khare


Large enterprises need to refresh their digital strategies to handle the growing demand, emerging competition, and ground dynamics. Infosys and MongoDB started working jointly to help these large organizations reach their full potential by focusing on data modernization.

With inputs from MongoDB, Infosys teams have developed a framework called Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS), which allows users to move data from various siloed and legacy relational systems to MongoDB, the most popular document-based modern data platform in the world. By working with iDSS, enterprises can maintain business continuity while seamlessly adapting to the modern demands of analytics and data growth. iDSS is a no-code framework specifically designed and developed to move data from legacy relational systems to MongoDB in an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure predictability, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), increased productivity, and faster time to market.

Because the relational and document model are two opposing database models, you may logically ask

How is it possible to map the rows and columns of a relational database to the JSON-like structure of MongoDB?

Agreed. Moving data from a relational database management system (RDBMS) to MongoDB is not a trivial task, and that is why experts from Infosys designed iDSS. The tool works like any modern-day extract, transform, and load (ETL) product that can extract data from the RDBMS, transform the data from the relational data model to the document model in a no-code way, and then load the data into MongoDB.


iDSS helps you efficiently carry out data modernizations while reducing ETL development effort by as much as 37%.

Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS) Key Features

iDSS Features for Migration to MongoDB

RDBMS to MONGODB Transform and Load: RDBMS-to-MongoDB migrations with structure changes/transformations/filters

RDBMS to JSON Transform and Load: RDBMS-to-JSON file generation with structure changes/ transformations/filters

MongoDB to MongoDB: Support for MongoDB-to-MongoDB data migrations, with structure changes/transformations/filters, using MongoDB aggregation framework

Other Features Summary

  • Data profiling, business data validation, data quality checks
  • Diversified connectors for enterprise packaged systems such as SAP ECC and S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce
  • Enabled for major cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, and Microsoft Azure
  • Business reviews, approvals/signoff
  • Change data capture (CDC) and incremental data loading
  • Data comparison/ata reconciliation
  • Easy custom development for client requirements
  • Dedicated expert support for tool deployments