Introducing Snapshot Distribution in MongoDB Atlas

Ashley Kuhwilm


Data is at the heart of everything we do and in today’s digital economy has become an organization's most valuable asset. But sometimes the lengths that need to be taken to protect that data can present added challenges and result in manual processes that ultimately slow development, especially when it comes to maintaining a strict backup and recovery strategy.

MongoDB Atlas aims to ease this burden by providing the features needed to help organizations not only retain and protect their data for recovery purposes, but to meet compliance regulations with ease. Today we’re excited to announce the release of a new backup feature, Snapshot Distribution. Snapshot Distribution allows you to easily distribute your backup snapshots across multiple geographic regions within your primary cloud provider with the click of a button.

You can configure how snapshots are distributed directly within your backup policy and Atlas will automatically distribute them to other regions as selected—no manual process necessary.

How to distribute your snapshots

To enable Snapshot Distribution, navigate to the backup policy for your cluster and select the toggle to copy snapshots to other regions. From there, you can add any number of regions within your primary cloud provider—including regions you are not deployed in—to store snapshot copies. You can even customize your configuration to copy only specific types of snapshots to certain regions.

Screenshot of the field to enable Snapshot Distribution in your backup policy
Copy snapshots to other regions

Restore your cluster faster with optimized, intelligent restores

If you need to restore your cluster, Atlas will intelligently decide whether to use the original snapshot or a copied snapshot for optimal restore speeds. Copied snapshots may be utilized in cases where you are restoring to a cluster in the same region as a snapshot copy, including multi-region clusters if the snapshots are copied to every cluster region. Alternatively, if the original snapshot becomes unavailable due to a regional outage within your cloud provider, Atlas will utilize a copy in the nearest region to enable restores regardless of the cloud region outage.

Screenshot of the point in time restore option in MongoDB Atlas
Perform point in time restore

Get started with Snapshot Distribution

Although storing additional snapshot copies in varying places may not always be required, this can be extremely useful in several situations, such as:

  • For organizations who have a compliance requirement to store backups in different geographical locations from their primary place of operation

  • For organizations operating multi-region clusters looking for faster direct-attach restores for the entire cluster

If you fall into either of these categories, Snapshot Distribution may be a valuable feature addition to your current backup policy, allowing you to automate prior manual processes and free up development time to focus on innovation. Check out the documentation to learn more or navigate to your backup policy to enable this feature.