Introducing the Full Stack FastAPI App Generator for Python Developers

Taylor Pacelli


We are thrilled to announce the release of the Full Stack FastAPI, React, MongoDB (FARM) base application generator, coinciding with FastAPI's emerging status as a leading modern Python framework. Known for its high performance and ease of use, FastAPI is quickly becoming a top choice for Python developers. This launch is a significant advancement for Python developers eager to build and maintain progressive web applications using the powerful combination of FastAPI and MongoDB.

Bridging the Development Gap

While it's always been easy and quick to start building modern web applications with MongoDB and FastAPI, in the past developers still had to make many decisions about other parts of the stack, such as authentication, testing, integration etc., and manually integrate these components in their application.

Our new app generator aims to simplify some of this process further. It enables you to quickly spin up a production-grade, full-stack application, seamlessly integrating FastAPI and MongoDB, thereby significantly enhancing the developer experience.

Simplifying the Development Journey

Now, with the launch of our Full Stack FastAPI App Generator, MongoDB dramatically simplifies the initial stages of project setup for production-grade applications by providing a well-structured app skeleton and reduces the initial learning curve and the time spent setting up the project. For new learners and seasoned developers alike, this means less time figuring out the basics and more time building differentiated experiences for their users.

Key Features Included in the App Generator:

  • Complete Web Application Stack: Generates a foundation for your project development, integrating both front-end and back-end components.
  • Docker Compose Integration: Optimized for local development.

  • Built-in Authentication System: Includes user management schemas, models, CRUD, and APIs, with OAuth2 JWT token support and magic link authentication.

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Please note: This tool is an experimental project and not yet officially supported by MongoDB.