Hyperscale Performance with Nuxeo Platform and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced


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This is a guest post by Eric Barroca, CEO - Nuxeo.

Digitizing content and processes is a 20- or even 30-year-old story. The first wave of solutions delivered huge efficiency gains for enterprises – from paper, to PDF and checks, to Paypal. Today, companies across industries – from Media to Financial Services to Telecommunications – see new opportunities in a second wave of technology, such as creating new revenue streams and developing new products and services for their customers. But, so many are still managing their content in systems architected in the first wave and which now stand in the way of transformation.

Legacy systems can't support today's digital transformation needs. They lack the enterprise-wide visibility, searchability and control to keep content and the metadata that makes it valuable together. They are staggering under the crush of complexity of content and firehose of information flowing in and out of these systems on a daily basis. And, after implementation, they can’t be easily adapted to today’s ever-more dynamic and unpredictable business needs and opportunities.

To succeed in your business transformation, you need an approach that can unlock the value of assets through a system that can see, search and manage assets and metadata across 100s or even 1,000s of places across your enterprise. You need to multiply the value of your assets by empowering your entire business to easily leverage these critical assets and information. You need to accelerate innovation by leveraging the speed and investment of a cloud services ecosystem. And, you have to assume and plan for evolution and scale as your business responds to new opportunity and growth.

Nuxeo & MongoDB Enterprise Advanced: Unmatched Performance in Content Management

Nuxeo’s integration with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, as an alternative to a relational database, is first of its kind in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space. The Nuxeo Platform for content management and Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows enterprises to discover the full value of their most complex digital assets, and scales to support even the largest content repositories, leveraging MongoDB Enterprise Advanced’s scaling, performance and replication capabilities.

Legacy ECM systems fall short when trying to turn data into valuable assets. Content Management and Digital Asset Management are now data-centric. Digital assets are core to any successful digital transformation. Unfortunately, value is often locked in the data surrounding these assets and many organizations have trouble unlocking this data to enable true transformation. The Nuxeo Platform helps to transform this data into valuable assets and, together with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, allows enterprises to do it at true enterprise scale.

High performance of the Nuxeo Platform has already been tested and benchmarked to the tune of several billion documents with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced. The latest benchmarks from Nuxeo on an average cloud instance and using complex content objects now show the following results:

  • Document Processing: 30,000 doc/sec
  • Bulk Import: 5x faster than any relational database implementation
  • Overall, a 15x performance increase compared to the fastest relational database implementation

Check out our benchmark results and learn more in this video: Using MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to Build a Fast and Scalable Document Repository

Why MongoDB Enterprise Advanced as a backend storage for Nuxeo apps

Nuxeo chose MongoDB Enterprise Advanced because it enables organizations to deploy cloud-ready applications with unmatched performance and scalability. Used with the Nuxeo Platform, MongoDB Enterprise Advanced provides a database storage option offering high performance, high availability, and exceptional scalability for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications.

Nuxeo customers with extremely large content store requirements are able to leverage MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to get features such as replication, zero downtime and scalability. It is also a good combination with Elasticsearch, leveraging Elastic for advanced queries and MongoDB Enterprise Advanced for highly scalable content and asset storage. Nuxeo customers now have access to capabilities such as full-index support, rich querying, auto-sharding, replication and high availability, and much more.

Using the Nuxeo Platform with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced provides the opportunity to build content management applications with big data tools capable of dealing with complex, enterprise-scale data volumes at unmatched speeds.

Nuxeo for Giant ECM Applications

Nuxeo provides a Hyperscale Digital Asset Platform that helps enterprise organizations unlock the full value of their digital assets to create new revenue streams, improve performance, and maximize existing IT investments. Over 200 leading organizations use Nuxeo for digital asset management, document management, knowledge management, and other content-centric business applications.

Nuxeo is headquartered in New York with five additional offices worldwide, and raised $30 million in capital from Goldman Sachs and Kennet Partners in 2016.

More information is available at www.nuxeo.com.