How MongoDB's Executive Support Team Impacts Business Success

Ava Thompson


Executive Support at MongoDB is crucial to the success of the business. We enable time-sensitive alignment on strategic initiatives, help our leaders avoid burnout, exemplify good work-life balance, and cultivate relationships through organizing team events. We are culture creators, influencers of engagement, and drivers of MongoDB’s values.

For the past four years, I have had the privilege of growing my career at MongoDB. Working alongside remarkable leaders, I have been able to continuously develop my skills and expand my responsibilities into a global leadership role for all of Executive Support. In this article, I share three ways that being part of the Executive Support team at MongoDB has impacted my professional journey and can impact yours, too!

Career development at MongoDB

One of the standout aspects of the Executive Support team at MongoDB is the abundant opportunities for career development. Regardless of one's level of experience, team members have access to coaching, on-demand courses, and guidance from our Learning & Development team. This support enables us to refine our existing skills as Administrative or Executive Assistants, opening doors to more senior positions within the organization.

Additionally, for those passionate about mentoring and shaping the future of Executive Support, leadership roles such as Leads and Managers provide avenues for personal and professional growth. Many team members have even acquired new skills from the leaders they have supported, leading to promotions outside of the Executive Support realm. We’ve had a Sales Executive Assistant (EA) who became a Project Manager, a Marketing EA who became a Corporate Communications Manager, a People Team EA who became an Employee Experience Coordinator, and even an InfoSec EA who became a Cybersecurity Specialist and then chose to transfer back to our Executive Support team!

These are just a few examples, but they show how MongoDB prioritizes career development. Our managers are trained to support you as you identify your motivators, what skill gaps need support, and how you can expand the scope of your work to achieve your goals.

Team photo of the MongoDB Executive Support team at a team building event
Executive Support team members at a team building event

Leveraging our diverse global team

Embodying the mindset of "Think Big, Go Far," the Executive Support team at MongoDB leverages the diverse experiences and perspectives of our global team to navigate complex challenges and achieve extraordinary outcomes. By providing invaluable support and enabling our leaders to focus on strategic initiatives, we ensure that they have the space and freedom to reflect, strategize, and drive impactful projects forward. Our dedication to "Making it Matter" is evident as we approach our work with unwavering commitment, understanding that even the smallest tasks play a significant role in the overall success of the business. We know we are key in maintaining momentum towards our company goals. Our team thrives on focused execution while remaining adaptable to changing priorities, ensuring our leaders are well-prepared to tackle new and urgent demands.

A transformative experience at MongoDB

I joined MongoDB as the Executive Assistant to our CEO, Dev Ittycheria. During my time working with Dev, I saw firsthand the transparent nature of our leadership team. Though they are focused on the market opportunity in front of us and ensuring MongoDB is set up for long-term success, it does not come at the expense of our people. It was a privilege to support the CEO and work closely with his leadership team who lead with our company values and focus on our people in everything they do.

I was also provided with the opportunity to participate in an immersive training program that provided me with a comprehensive understanding of MongoDB’s history and products. Throughout the week-long training, I not only bonded with peers from around the world but also had the privilege of learning from seasoned company leaders. This was an invaluable experience for me that enhanced my engagement and proved that regardless of my role, MongoDB wants me to take advantage of every learning opportunity the company has to offer.

Ava (far left) at the MongoDB five-year IPO anniversary


At MongoDB, we place utmost importance on the development and growth of our team members. We firmly believe in the potential and dedication of our people, and our leaders continually strive to support their teams, even in times of change or crisis. By fostering a diverse global team and encouraging creative problem-solving, we consistently drive positive impact throughout our organization. If you are eager to join a team committed to professional growth and making a difference, I encourage you to visit our careers site for current job openings.