How to Make Money in the UK: The Three Most Desired Skills in Big Data

Jack Costley


Does anyone care about the skills you have? If you know Hadoop, MongoDB or Flume then the answer is a definite yes. And people will pay a lot of money for those skills.

This week Experis launched its Tech Cities Job Watch Q1 report. The research reviewed the technology employment landscape across the ten biggest cities in the UK from January to March. It was a good quarter too - hiring demand is up 9% and average technology salaries are now as high as £52,982 (approx 81,000 USD) in London.

Big data was far and away the most lucrative technology sector with average salaries exceeding £60,000 (approx 91,000 USD) in some cities, such as Glasgow. Helpfully the report also revealed what specific skills were most desired by employers. The top three were Hadoop, MongoDB and Apache Flume.

Big data jobs in Glasgow and London are the most lucrative in the UK (Screenshot taken from Tech Cities Job Watch Q1)

It’s no secret that data-related skills are in high demand. Many of the findings in Tech Cities Job Watch will be unlikely to shock readers. However, the point here is just how profitable it has become. It’s also never been easier to gain these skills - there are numerous free online courses that could give you a foot in the door to a big data career.

Spending Intentions

On the other side of the Atlantic, a study came out this week which looked at the other side of the equation. The report, by Enterprise Technology Research, surveyed 685 enterprise CIOs to find out how they will be spending their budgets.

The top five buying intentions were: Docker, Hortonworks, Airwatch (VMware), MongoDB and Cloudera. Spot any trends here? Just in case you missed it: a lot of money is being spent on big data.

So, if you’re not earning as much as you deserve then your course is clear. Develop your big data skills and consider moving to the UK. A good salary makes it a lot easier to put up with the milky tea, bad weather, and royal family.

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