Hot Off the Press: MongoDB Launches Two New Books at MongoDB.local London

Raghu Viswanathan

It’s well known that developers today are facing immense demand to build new, modern applications at an accelerated pace. In fact, recent data from IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be a shortfall of 4 million developers. As the industry moves towards more complex and advanced technologies, developers remain the foundation – as well as the key – to expanding emerging, innovative technologies, from AI to IoT and other automation applications.

The skills required to develop these technologies are becoming increasingly specialized. In turn, the need for accessible resources, training, and education is only becoming more pressing.

That’s why we’re delighted to launch MongoDB Press – our very own official series of educational books – penned by a mix of our in-house experts and trusted industry voices, covering both technical and strategic topics.

We’re thrilled that our first two books of the series – Mastering MongoDB 7.0 and Practical MongoDB Aggregations – will be launched at MongoDB .local London 2023.

Practical MongoDB Aggregations was written by our very own Executive Solutions Architect, Paul Done, and is intended for developers with a baseline understanding of the MongoDB Aggregation Framework. The book will allow readers to learn more about building aggregation pipelines. You can get 20% off now by visiting Attendees at MongoDB .local London will be able to get signed copies of the book while supplies last

Mastering MongoDB 7.0 is available for pre-order and was written by a team of MongoDB experts. It provides a deep-dive into the latest features of MongoDB. By the end of the book, readers will have gained the practical understanding required to design, develop, administer, and scale MongoDB-based database applications, both on-premises and on the cloud.