Helping Developers Tackle COVID-19

Grace Francisco

Free MongoDB Atlas database-as-a-service credits available for those detecting, understanding, and stopping the spread of COVID-19.

As every day seems to bring new worries and restrictions, it’s easy to feel like we are powerless in the face of Coronavirus. While much is out of our control, there are people across the globe working hard to improve diagnostic techniques, discover new ways to treat the illness, and even map and track the spread of the virus. Data and technology are at the core of scientific progress, so we’re offering MongoDB Atlas credits to any team that needs them to combat COVID-19.

It’s our mission at MongoDB to make data stunningly easy to work with, in order to unlock the genius in every developer. That means being able to store any kind of data, at any scale, and be able to rapidly iterate on schemas and structures while constantly being able to visualize, analyze, and build new applications. Atlas easily deploys, operates, and scales across the leading cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, or Azure) and has enterprise-grade security built-in by default.

Whether you’re working on a COVID-19 health project yourself, or are working with a client who is, you can apply now to our Atlas credit program, and take advantage of our technical staff’s know-how to get up and running quickly. We may be physically apart, but we can come together as a community to make the world a better place, even now. We’re working on finding every way we can be a part of the solution ourselves. Please join us in the community forums for a discussion about this program and the projects that you and other community members are working on to tackle this worldwide threat.

We encourage you to submit your project for consideration and send this post along to anyone in your network who could use it.

Developers can make a difference.