hackNY Founders on 10gen’s Sponsorship, NYC Startup Ecosystem and MongoDB for Rapid Prototyping

Meghan Gill


Last month, 10gen announced its sponsorship for hackNY, the non-profit aiming to federate the next generation of hackers for New York City. We’ve been longtime supporters of hackNY and were excited to present the founders, Evan Korth and Chris Wiggins, with a donation of $75,000 at MongoNYC.

At the conference, Chris and Evan sat for a brief interview, where they talked about how technology is transforming the key industries in New York City, from media, advertising, publishing, finance and beyond. They explained how hackNY’s model, which organizes student hackathons and summer fellowship programs, give students practical, hands-on experience with programming that they don’t receive at university. Open source technologies like MongoDB are a great fit for hackathons since they enable developers to rapidly prototype, with the knowledge that they can scale their applications.