Get Ready as the MongoDB World Tour is Coming to Singapore

Stewart Garrett

MongoDB.local Singapore is just around the corner. You’ll be getting an enriching experience on all things MongoDB on September 21. From keynote presentations to product demos and networking sessions, a full day of activities awaits you and our developer community.

With technology becoming one of the most crucial parts of business and developers being fundamental to our growing digital economy, our line-up of expert keynote speakers should continue to inspire and nurture our community.

So, we’ve gathered our best customers who have dug deep and uncovered unparalleled levels of creativity, innovation, and productivity with MongoDB, just for you. These are the ones who have transformed already agile business processes into something much more impactful.

Our guest speakers are going to reveal what went on behind the scenes, the secrets to successful implementation and so much more:

  • Affyn: How a cloud strategy was designed and implemented on a multi-cloud architecture to create a geolocation-based metaverse game.

  • BigID: How MongoDB’s document model and distributed architecture deliver a scalable and flexible data management platform for privacy and protection.

  • Morgan Stanley: How to fully optimize MongoDB as a document-oriented, high-performance, and scalable database through different business solutions and use cases.

  • Terrascope: How technology is driving corporate climate action, reducing carbon footprint, and creating new opportunities to overcome them.

  • Globe Telecom: How they are powering tomorrow's Mobile Retail to enhance business efficiency and accelerate speed to market.

Our keynote speaker, Peder Ulander, Chief Marketing Officer of MongoDB, will share the latest features available in MongoDB7.0 and the improvements for developer experience, performance, security, and migrations.

Mark your calendars and join us at MongoDB.local Singapore on Sep 21!