5 Ways MongoDB Puts Customer Experience First

Richard Livingston

Here at MongoDB, we obsess over customer experience. Dedication to the customer experience is part of our culture and the way we do business at MongoDB.

Even if you haven’t heard the term customer experience (or CX) before, you probably have an intuitive sense of what it means. CX is the sum of all the interactions someone has with a company and can encompass anything from navigating a website, to dealing with customer service, to learning how to use a product.

MongoDB is not alone in thinking the customer experience is a big deal. Consumer sentiment (both B2B and B2C) indicates that companies who do not mold their practices around their customers’ desires do so at their peril. For example:

  • 74% of customers are likely to buy a product based on favorable CX

  • 66% of customers want companies to understand and address their needs

  • And, a whopping 96% of customers say that CX is crucial for loyalty to a business

At MongoDB, across the organization and at all levels, there is an expectation to do everything we can to understand our customers’ technical and business goals and to help our users achieve those objectives.

Here are five key ways MongoDB makes sure that customer needs come first:

  1. Dedicated customer success function
    MongoDB’s hundreds-strong Customer Success team is tasked with making sure you get the most from your investment in our products. Access to Customer Success is free of charge and part of the purchase when you sign on with MongoDB. Think of Customer Success as an extension of your own team. We’re equally invested in the impact MongoDB has on your development cycles and business outcomes, which means our partnership does not end when you purchase from us. Rather, we see your investment with us as the beginning of a trusted partnership. You’re on a journey with MongoDB, and we’re here to guide and support you throughout.

  2. Goal-focused onboarding
    When you do business with MongoDB, the first part of your journey will be the onboarding process. We consider onboarding to be the most critical phase. Onboarding is our opportunity to set you up for long-term success with your MongoDB products, right from the very beginning. Certainly, we want you to get tangible value from our products, but we also want to connect with a shared purpose. Although we understand that every deployment is unique, we find that a clear onboarding workflow – from planning to launch – can help you swiftly and successfully get your applications live.

  3. In-depth success planning
    Before your developers get to work, it’s crucial to define what you want to build with our products and to determine the best way to get there. We will take the time to understand your desired business and technical outcomes, as well as how you measure success. When you sign on with MongoDB, our team will work closely with yours to develop a formal success plan. Through shared accountability and ownership of the process, our teams will use that plan as a roadmap as you build, launch, run — and ultimately optimize — your apps.

  4. Open office hours
    To maintain open communication with our MongoDB community, our Customer Success team hosts regularly scheduled Office Hour sessions. Whether you’re going live for the first time, expanding your current MongoDB platform, or just considering MongoDB, these open meetings will help you learn more about available MongoDB resources and give you the opportunity to talk directly with our Customer Success experts. Register now for MongoDB Customer Success office hours.

  5. Information at your fingertips
    MongoDB also makes it easy to get the information you need through our online Success Center, where you can access guides, samples, references, and resources for building applications on the MongoDB developer data platform.

    Here are other ways to connect with MongoDB:

These elements of customer experience do not capture the full scope of how MongoDB helps our customers achieve tangible value from our solutions. But, they provide noteworthy examples of how MongoDB is doubling down on your experience.

Our Customer Success team is excited to work with you, offering the tools and knowledge to help you build the next big thing for your organization.