Escape the Room, Meet the Drivers Team, and More at MongoDB World

Francesca Krihely and Danielle James


When you go to a conference, your goal is to get actionable advice to bring back to your team – and have a great time doing it! At MongoDB World 2017, alongside the 80+ technical and interactive sessions we’re planning, we have a number of fun programs that can help you get the most out of your two days of MongoDB education. Here’s what we’re brewing for the event:

MongoDB’s Escape the Room

Many of you have heard of Escape the Room challenges – and some have you might be talented escapers. At MongoDB World, we’ll be testing your knowledge with the Escape the Room Challenge.

How does it work? Groups of 2-6 people can sign up to play. You will be locked in a room and given 10-15 min to solve 4 riddles in order to escape the room. All riddles will be based on MongoDB 3.4 features and will require the group to work together; refresh your knowledge so you can escape in record time! The free M034 course at MongoDB University will walk you through all of the updates in MongoDB 3.4.

The Sharding Game: Are You Smarter Than a MongoDB Engineer?

How well do you know MongoDB? See if you can beat MongoDB engineers and fellow conference attendees in a multiple choice, multiplayer game. You’ll be ranked on knowledge as well as speed.

Drivers Rooms

MongoDB officially supports 11 open source database drivers: C, C++, C#, Java, Motor, Node, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala. A select group of driver engineers will present on the latest MongoDB driver developments at MongoDB World. Each driver session will begin with a brief presentation about the state of the driver, followed by a peek into our roadmap, followed by Q&A. Your input and feedback will be used to create the roadmap for new features and improvements in the drivers.

Hands-on Labs

You’ll be learning a lot on-site at MongoDB World. We want to make more learning opportunities available with our hands-on labs and robo-learning tools, so you can interactively learn new tips and tricks for developing and managing MongoDB applications.

Ask the Experts

Bring your toughest MongoDB questions to the event, because you’ll be able to talk to a MongoDB expert one-on-one at the Ask the Experts booth. An expert can help you whiteboard solutions to your most pressing problems and give you more insight into how MongoDB can help you in your current and upcoming projects.

We’re excited to see you there and help you with two days of hands-on learning. Register before March 3 to pay only $299 for full conference tickets!

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