Countdown to MongoDB World 2019: T-10 Weeks - The Hackathon and The First Sneak Peeks

Danielle James and Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB World 2019

With ten weeks to go before we open the doors at MongoDB World, we wanted to give you a taste of what's going to be going on in some of the tracks. Let's open with a quick reminder of when and where - the conference is running for three days, June 17th to the 19th, at the Hilton Midtown in New York City. Make sure that you have that marked in your diary.

Before we dive into the tracks, we'd like to mention the Hackathon as this is taking place right now. The MongoDB World Hackathon is our online competition for the world's hackers, designers, and makers - build something with MongoDB and you could be in with a chance to receive the top prize of $10,000. The winners will be officially announced at MongoDB World and be present to receive their prize. Register now for a chance to participate and win. Check out this video from the Hackathon organizers if you want to what its about and where to get in touch with the community:

That's something really exciting that is going on right now and culminates at MongoDB World 2019. Entries close on April 30th and there are rewards for everyone who participates.

Now back to whats happening over the three days of MongoDB World 2019. Let's take a look:

Seeing The Future

The main Keynote where MongoDB Co-Founder and CTO Eliot Horowitz will be presenting both whats already in and what's coming next in MongoDB. If you were at MongoDB World last year, you'll recall Eliot showed the world the new power of multi-document transactions in a demo-packed keynote address. What will he show the world this year? You'll want to be there for that.

Opportunities To Be Enlightened.

It'll be in the sessions where you'll get to learn the most. Talk tracks for developers, operators, architects, and leaders run over the three days, with other keynotes talks and breakout sessions with tracks. We'll have more details on those soon.

Ask the Experts is your chance to sign up for a 30-minute consulting slot and get your questions answered by MongoDB experts. If there's something you want to get a handle on and need someone to talk it through with, this is where you will want to be.

The Drivers Sessions are another chance to get answers to questions, this time about the essential glue between your applications and MongoDB - the drivers. Join our engineers and talk about Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, C# and Go. It's also your chance to get constructive by sharing feedback or ideas for improvement to the development leads.

Getting Constructive and Connected

On the third day of MongoDB World will be the Builder's Fest. If you like to learn by trying and having fun in the process, then this is the day for you. It's a whole day packed full of hands-on build sessions, coding challenges, games, and maker workshops.

In the Partner Pavilion you'll get to meet the companies that are partners of MongoDB. You'll be able to meet up new solution providers and connect with cool companies in our Sponsor Hall. And you just know there'll be swag to go home with.

Going Social

With all that learning and up-skilling going on, you'll want a place to wind down. That's where the Leaf Lounge comes in - socialize, catch up, or just relax and rejuvenate with your new friends. We promise to keep the coffee and snacks flowing.

There will also be Community Meetups where you can meet other community members in meetups sponsored by the MongoDB's affinity groups, including the POC Network, Women's Group, and LGBTQ Group.

And finally, there's the Women and Trans Coders Lounge. This is a space where we aim to amplify the voices of non-binary people, women, and trans people of all genders within our engineering community. As well as being a lounge, it's a space that's open to all attendees during talks where that voice is actively boosted. Talks already lined up include:

  • Bridging The Digital Divide for Incarcerated Men & Women
    Tiffany Jackson, Co-Founder, Re: version

  • Application Monitoring: Are You Doing It Right?
    Jocelyn Harper, Sr. Associate Software Engineer, Capital One

  • Polyglot Persistence with MongoDB: What You Need to Know to Make it Happen
    Danielle Monteiro, Co-Founder & CEO, WDB Consulting

  • Does Remote Work Really Work?
    Lauren Schaefer, Developer Advocate, MongoDB

  • Searching for a Better Me: How Simple Habit uses $text Search to Help Users Stress Less, Achieve More & Live Better
    Krystal Flores, Software Engineer, Simple Habit

  • Using MongoDB to Prototype An AI Data Pipeline
    Carol Schmitz, Director of Engineering, Journey Foods

  • The Good, Bad & Ugly: Returning to Work After a Parenting Break
    Karen Huaulme, Developer Advocate, MongoDB

  • Goal Setting and Visualization Workshop (as part of the Builder's Fest)
    Dipabali Chowdhury, Leadership & Development Coordinator, MongoDB
    Danielle James, Marketing Manager, MongoDB