Catch MongoDB at PyCon Montreal

Francesca Krihely


MongoDB will be at PyCon 2014 in Montreal. We're looking forward to meeting with the Python community at the event. Catch Jesse Davis's talk on Asynchronous Python frameworks and stop by the MongoDB Booth (#201) to meet the MongoDB Community, Engineering and Education team. Jesse, who helped work on Tulip and is the core maintainer of Motor, the async driver for MongoDB and Tornado, will discuss how to use the various asynchronous frameworks for building Python applications.

We've seen great adoption of MongoDB and Python. MongoDB's data model is naturally suited to Python programming, so python projects like IPython, Server Density and NewsBlur leverage MongoDB for convenient storage. PyMongo was one of the first drivers built for MongoDB and is the 24th most popular of all Python packages, downloaded 290,000 times a month. Our Python team, led by Bernie Hackett, Jesse Davis and Luke Lovett with the help of Ross Lawley and Amalia Hawkins, among others, works hard to make MongoDB development as natural as writing Python code. We've also seen great community projects in MongoEngine, MongoKit, Monary and more.

With over 51,000 students who have taken our MongoDB and Python class, M101P, we're continuing to see Python as a critical and growing part of the MongoDB community. Startups, large enterprises and everyone in between are leveraging the simplicity and power of MongoDB and Python to power modern applications.