Building Gen AI with MongoDB & AI Partners | June 2024

Gregory Maxson


Even for those of us who work in AI, keeping up with the latest news in the AI space can be head-spinning. In just the last few weeks, OpenAI introduced their newest model (GPT-4o), Anthropic continued to develop Claude with the launch of Claude 3.5 Sonnet, and Mistral launched Mixtral 8x22B, their most efficient open model to date. And those are only a handful of recent releases!

In such an ever-changing space, partnerships are critical to combining the strengths of organizations to create solutions that would be challenging to develop independently. Also, it can be overwhelming for any one business to keep track of so much change. So there’s a lot of value in partnering with industry leaders and new players alike to bring the latest innovations to customers.

I’ve been at MongoDB for less than a year, but in that time our team has already built dozens of strategic partnerships that are helping companies and developers build AI applications faster and safer. I love to see these collaborations take off!

A compelling example is MongoDB’s recent work with Vercel. Our team developed an exciting sample application that allows users to deploy a retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) application on Vercel in just a few minutes. By leveraging a MongoDB URI and an OpenAI key, users can one-click deploy this application on Vercel.

Another recent collaboration was with Netlify. Our team also developed a starter template that implements a RAG chatbot on top of their platform using LangChain and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search capabilities for storing and searching the knowledge base that powers the chatbot's responses.

These examples demonstrate the power of combining MongoDB's robust database capabilities with other deployment platforms. They also show how quickly and efficiently users can set up fully functional RAG applications, and highlight the significant advantages that partnerships bring to the AI ecosystem.

And the best part? We’re just getting started! Stay tuned for more information about the MongoDB AI Applications Program later this month.

Welcoming new AI partners

Speaking of partnerships, in June we welcomed seven AI partners that offer product integrations with MongoDB. Read on to learn more about each great new partner.

AppMap logo

AppMap is an open source personal observability platform to help developers keep their software secure, clear, and aligned.

Elizabeth Lawler, CEO of AppMap, commented on our joint value for developers. “AppMap is thrilled to join forces with MongoDB to help developers improve and optimize their code. MongoDB is the go-to data store for web and mobile applications, and AppMap makes it easier than ever for developers to migrate their code from other data stores to MongoDB and to keep their code optimized as their applications grow and evolve.”

Read more about our partnership and how to use AppMapp to improve the quality of code running with MongoDB.

Mendable is a platform that automates customer services providing quick and accurate answers to questions without human intervention.

Eric Ciarla, co-founder of Mendable, highlighted the importance of our partnership. "Our partnership with MongoDB is unlocking massive potential in AI applications, from go to market copilots to countless other innovative use cases,” he said. “We're excited to see teams at MongoDB and beyond harnessing our combined technologies to create transformative AI solutions across all kinds of industries and functions."

Learn how Mendable and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search power customer service applications.

OneAI is an API-first platform built for developers to create and manage trusted GPT chatbots.

Amit Ben, CEO of One AI, shared his excitement about the partnership. "We're thrilled to partner with MongoDB to help customers bring trusted GenAI to production. OneAI's platform, with RAG pipelines, LLM-based chatbots, goal-based AI, anti-hallucination guardrails, and language analytics, empowers customers to leverage their language data and engage users even more effectively on top of MongoDB Atlas."

Check out some One AI’s GPT agents & advanced RAG pipelines built on MongoDB.

Prequel allows companies to sync data to and from their customers' data warehouses, databases, or object storage so they get better data access with less engineering effort.

"Sharing MongoDB data just got easier with our partnership,” celebrated Charles Chretien, co-founder of Prequel. “Software companies running on MongoDB can use Prequel to instantly share billions of records with customers on every major data warehouse, database, and object storage service.”

Learn how you can share MongoDB data using Prequel.

Qarbine complements summary data visualization tools allowing for better informed decision-making across teams.

Bill Reynolds, CTO of Qarbine, mentioned the impact of our integration to distill better insights from data: “We’re excited to extend the many MongoDB Atlas benefits upward in the modern application stack to deliver actionable insights from publication quality drill-down analysis. The native integrations enhance in-app real-time decisions, business productivity and operational data ROI, fueling modern application innovation.”

Want to power up your insights with MongoDB Atlas and Qarbine? Read more.

Temporal is a durable execution platform for building and scaling invincible applications faster.

"Organizations of all sizes have built AI applications that are ‘durable by design’ using MongoDB and Temporal. The burden of managing data and agent task orchestration is effortlessly abstracted away by Temporal's development primitives and MongoDB's Atlas Developer Data Platform”, says Jay Sivachelvan, VP of Partnerships at Temporal. He also highlighted the benefits of this partnership. “These two solutions, together, provide compounding benefits by increasing product velocity while also seamlessly automating the complexities of scalability and enterprise-grade resilience."

Learn how to build microservices in a more efficient way with MongoDB and Temporal.

Unstructured logo

Unstructured is a platform that connects any type of enterprise data for use with vector databases and any LLM framework. Read more about enhancing your gen AI application accuracy using MongoDB and Unstructured.

But wait, there's more!

To learn more about building AI-powered apps with MongoDB, check out our AI Resources Hub, and stop by our Partner Ecosystem Catalog to read about our integrations with MongoDB’s ever-evolving AI partner ecosystem.