Benefits of a Cloud Infrastructure to Support Your Database and Applications


Today, a company’s competitive advantage is tied to how well they build software around their most important asset — data.

Being able to truly manage, manipulate and engage with your business data helps organizations remove obstacles and gain competitive advantage. That level of innovation has a major positive impact on business and your total cost of IT ownership. But while MongoDB advocates for a modern database architecture, that can only happen with a modern cloud infrastructure.

The benefits of both cloud migration and a modern database platform are very similar — greater business agility, faster deployment, lower costs, better collaboration and a stronger user experience. The truth is, your business must have the proper foundation to support modern applications. We dove into all these things (and more) in our latest learning opportunity.

Guest Speaker, Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna, discussed how cloud migration fuels the journey toward better application development. Along with MongoDB Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, Eric Houlzhauer, they unpacked more info about:

  • The tax businesses pay when they resist modernization

  • How cloud migration is the first step in any transformation journey

  • How complex data structures create costly determinants across the business

  • The Travelers Insurance & MongoDB story

  • How MongoDB can reduce friction and create tangible business value

  • Why MongoDB is a top choice for developers

If you missed this experience, you can still catch it on-demand any time.

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