Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Reflects on Their Successful Digital Transformation with MongoDB Atlas


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is one of Australia’s largest banks, with around 7,000 employees and more than 2.2 million customers. The bank has been on a multi-year journey of transformation using MongoDB Atlas to improve efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

In an exclusive video series, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s cloud team reflects on the launch of Ready-Set-MongoDB (RSM), an event-driven framework that allows developers to streamline the consumption of internal or external APIs, and applies data transformations and storage automatically within a MongoDB collection of their choice.

Winning MongoDB's APAC Innovation Awards 2023

RSM’s event-driven framework, built around strong automation capabilities that pull unstructured data from a range of sources into one place has allowed developers and service owners to access meaningful visualisations of internal or external APIs. Not only has this saved the team more than 1,100 developers days, it has led to the bank winning the 2023 MongoDB APAC Innovation award in the Organisational Transformation category.

A developer-first culture at the heart of transformation

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is still right in the thick of a multi-year digital transformation journey, with the aim to not only deliver better experiences for customers but also reduce complexity for developers and the organisation as a whole. Working with MongoDB means empowering developers with a data layer that makes their lives easier, enabling them to move a lot faster and encouraging organic ideas to get off the ground, feeding into the bank’s unique engineering culture.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's future: A hand in hand journey with MongoDB

There is a lot on the horizon for the banking industry as a whole that keeps the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s engineering and developer team thinking about what’s next. Whether it’s upcoming regulatory compliance requirements such as CPS 230 or the rise of cloud and automation technologies, the team trusts MongoDB and its unique multi-cloud capabilities to continue supporting the bank’s digital journey in the coming years.