Become a MongoDB Pro in 2015 with Help from MongoDB University

Shannon Bradshaw


Our mission at MongoDB University is to teach people what they need to know to create and manage great applications built on MongoDB. MongoDB University offers courses in several formats to help developers and DBAs move from design to production with confidence. All classes are taught by MongoDB engineers and include hands-on labs to give you practical experience with MongoDB. As a result, we’ve seen:

  • 270,000+ students enroll in our online courses.
  • Thousands of students matriculate through our in-person training classes.
  • Over 200 organizations, from small startups to some of the largest companies in the world, benefit from a tailored curriculum with onsite, private classes.
  • Increasing demand for MongoDB certification from professionals and employers.

We learned a lot in 2014 thanks to your feedback and comments and are excited to share a few highlights on how we’re moving MongoDB University forward in 2015.


  • New courses:
  • - M101N: MongoDB for .Net Developers (online)
    - MongoDB Diagnostics and Debugging (instructor led)
    - MongoDB and Hadoop (instructor led and online)
  • Updates to MongoDB drivers curriculum with a more comprehensive treatment of each driver and substantial software development projects in Python, Java, Node.js, and (soon) .Net.
  • A more modular curriculum organized into shorter courses to better fit with your hectic schedule.
  • Updates for MongoDB 3.0 plus new instructor-led and online curriculum on Ops Manager and MMS.
  • A complete revision of our instructor-led training materials. This means brand-new student workbooks complete with extensive notes, exercises, and labs. All public and private training delivered in 2015 will use these materials.


  • Integration among our course lessons, documentation, webinars, and presentations to reinforce concepts and provide additional learning opportunities.
  • Diagnostic tools that help students select subject areas on which to focus their learning efforts and exercise packs to help achieve mastery.
  • Practice exams and other resources to help candidates prepare for certification exams.
  • New features in the online education platform including: better support for mobile users, enhanced discussion and other communication tools, and new lesson types that enhance our ability to teach particular subjects such as aggregation and schema design.


  • Advanced exercises for developers and operations professionals in the form of extended projects based on MongoDB deployments that more accurately reflect applications in the wild.
  • Course projects targeted to professionals interested in specific verticals including: financial services, retail, and technology.
We hope you will join us in 2015 as we roll out new offerings to make MongoDB University better than ever before. There are many ways to add MongoDB to your list of New Year’s resolutions: We’ll also be at MongoDB World again this year with many training opportunities, so stay tuned. Happy new year! We hope you’re off to a great start in 2015.

-Shannon Bradshaw, Director of Education, MongoDB, Inc.

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