MongoDB Atlas Data API Is Now Generally Available: Connectionless Data Access Over HTTPS

Emma Lullo

#MongoDB World

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of the MongoDB Atlas Data API. The Data API is a serverless, secure API that brings the ease of HTTPS-based data access to the forefront of the Atlas developer’s experience.

Traditionally, connecting to a database or integrating data into apps comes with a lot of operational burdens, such as provisioning infrastructure or scaling. The Data API offers a new, fully managed way to build data-centric apps and services on top of Atlas. Now Atlas developers can simply think of their data in terms of an API.

Since we introduced the Data API in preview in November 2021, Atlas customers have been adopting it for a variety of use cases. For example, some customers are using it to connect to IoT environments where MongoDB drivers aren’t supported. Other customers are using the Data API as a way to quickly build a POC. Many organizations are using the Data API to integrate Atlas data with other cloud services, such as AWS Lambda, Microsoft Power Apps, or Apigee and edge-based web services such as Vercel and Cloudflare.

Penny Software, a cloud-based procure-to-pay startup in EMEA, is already using the Data API in multiple parts of their application. “The Atlas Data API has been instrumental in our efforts to thin out our backend application,” CTO Mohamad Ibrahim says. "It has helped the team reach a new level of productivity."

New features and functionalities with GA

In addition to being production-ready, the Data API now supports new layers of configurable data permissioning and security, including:

  • New authentication methods: We’ve added support for authentication methods, such as JWT authentication and email/password.

  • Role-based access control: Configure rules for user roles that control read and write access via the API.

  • IP Access List: Only allow client requests from the enabled entries in the IP access list.

  • Custom endpoints: Define additional API routes—including the request method, the URL, and the logic—for additional configuration flexibility.

Get started with the Atlas Data API

If you’re ready to start building your next application with MongoDB Atlas and the Data API, getting started is easy—choose the cluster you’d like to connect to and generate an API key. That’s all it takes to set up and start sending requests to the API.

Data API Dashboard