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GigaOm’s Structure is one of the most interesting conferences in the Bay Area this year. In 2010, we’re excited that Eliot Horowitz from 10gen / MongoDB will be speaking. GigaOm, who were media sponsors at the recently completed NoSQL Live event in Boston, has provided a special discount code for friends of MongoDB to register for the conference at a $100 savings. Hope to see you there!

Details, including the discount code from our partner GigaOm:

GigaOM’s Structure conference is back for 2010! Get your ticket now!

Your $100 discount on this year’s conference is available now!

GigaOM’s flagship conference, Structure, returns on June 23rd and 24th for two days of deep insight on the Cloud Computing industry. Taking place at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, Structure 2010 promises to be our best Structure conference yet.

**Save the dates**

June 23rd and 24th

Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

The $1.4 trillion IT market is undergoing a massive shake-up due to Cloud Computing. From the chips that power the compute clouds to the broadband that transports the computation and the software that ties it all together, Cloud Computing is creating a fundamental shift in how we think about and buy computing services. And at each point in the chain, such disruption creates another opportunity. At Structure 2010 you will learn about those opportunities and how to profit from them.

 Our speaker list is growing every day. Confirmed speakers include:

Erich Clementi -  VP, Strategy & General Manager, Enterprise Initiatives, IBM

Marc Benioff - Chairman and CEO,

Werner Vogels - CTO,

Dr. Amr Awadallah - CTO and co-founder, Cloudera

Eliot Horowitz – CTO and co-founder, 10gen / MongoDB

Nick McKeown - Professor, Stanford University

William Forrest - Principal, McKinsey

For the most up-to-date list, see our web site:

When you attend Structure 2010 you will learn:

Why Cloud Computing is important – The scenarios in which it reduces cost, improves collaboration, speeds the real-time enterprise and increases enterprise agility.

Why new computing architectures are needed to support Cloud Computing and what they are – Hint: It’s not what’s currently in your data center.

Why Big Data means Big Problems – How do you make sense of exascale data in a timely and cost-effective manner? What new opportunities exist to improve this?

Why we might need to re-invent Internet technologies – The Internet is now asked to transport vast chunks of computation rather than small pieces of text, as it was designed to do.

What impacts “Real Time” has on the cloud – What extra considerations does real-time business infrastructure require?

…and much, much more. Check out the full schedule on our web site. 

So join us on June 23rd and June 24th in San Francisco to be part of the discussion at the Cloud Computing industry’s premier conference: Structure 2010.

Register now and save $100 off the early-bird ticket price!

Structure 2010 also represents a great way to directly address one of the most influential tech audiences anywhere. Call Mike Sly at (415) 235-0358 to find out how your company can exhibit.