Announcing the Second Annual MongoDB March Madness

Francesca Krihely


March Madness is a college basketball tournament, but it is also a month where we engage our MongoDB User Group network in a global activity. Last year we had the groups compete in a World-wide Hackathon. This year, we are sending MongoDB engineers to 33 MongoDB User Groups (MUGs) around the globe! Our goal is give our incredible MUG Leaders what they always ask for: A MongoDB Engineer to share their expertise with the community!

Thanks to MUG Leaders Jason Ford, Bev Corwin, Flavio Percoco, Tobias Trelle, Ivan Hristov, John Puddifoot, Mário Cordeiro, Adrian Wolny, Stefan Rudnitzki, Brad Urani, Scott Shellabarger, Mario Koppen, Bertin Nono, Ben McCann, Sig Navarez and Victoria Malaya for making this event happen.

We'll be launching March Madness at the Stockholm MUG and are looking forward to sharing the great stories, slides and photos with the community. Find a March Madness event happening near you or find a MUG near you. Don't see a MUG in your area? Start a MUG for your local tech community.