The 6 People You'll Meet at MongoDB Days

Francesca Krihely


MongoDB Days are a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expertise in MongoDB. They're also a unique place to meet talented MongoDB engineers from your local community and MongoDB engineers who work on the project each day. Whether it's a new MongoDB fanatic who loves developing with the MEAN stack or a DBA with a black belt in MongoDB, you'll meet people from all different backgrounds and expertise. Here's a few characters you can expect to meet at the Fall 2014 MongoDB days.

  1. The MOOC Fanatic

Who they are: This MongoDB fan-girl has taken M101P, M102 and M202. They just can’t get enough of MongoDB and want to show off their skills in every way possible. On the road to MongoDB Certification, this “teacher’s pet” just can’t get enough.

Why they’re coming: After taking the courses and interacting with users online, the MOOC fan wants to see real-life MongoDB users in their neighborhood. They know MongoDB Days are the best place to network with these people in real time. She’s also taking advantage of the pre-conference Advanced Data Modeling training to get better schema design expertise to bring back to the office.

  1. The MongoDB n00b

Who they are: After toying around with MongoDB at a local Hackathon, the n00b is looking to expand their general understanding of MongoDB and learn how and when to use MongoDB for their next project.

Why they’re coming: They want to deepen their knowledge of MongoDB and understand how to bring it into their organization. They’re also interested in seeing how MongoDB integrates with new technologies like Hadoop and Spark. Eager to get started, they're looking forward to sessions that will help them get up and running fast, like the Developer Jumpstart: Building Your First App with MongoDB

  1. The MongoDB Black Belt

Who they are: This maverick has been using MongoDB before there was journaling. He knows the ins and outs of write concern (which he probably learned the hard way!) and has been dreaming of Document-Level locking since the South African World Cup.

Why they’re coming: After hearing about the changes to the storage engine and seeing that his fantasies of Document-Level locking are coming true in 2.8, this cowboy wants to see the technical roadmap to plan for their future MongoDB usage.

  1. The MEAN Stack Evangelist

Who they are: This startup addict is a recent convert to MongoDB and Node.js. Coming from the Ruby-on-Rails stack, she can’t get enough of end-to-end Javascript. She was the first to play with the MEAN Stack when it was launched on Google Compute Engine.

Why they’re coming: As a developer, MongoDB offers the Evangelist a lot of power, but she need some education to help grow her apps. The MEAN stack fanatic comes to MongoDB Days to learn the tips to bring MongoDB to scale.

  1. The Recovering RDBMS DBA

Who they are: The professionally certified DBA has been brought into the land of MongoDB by their developer colleagues. After some convincing, she has to admit: MongoDB is pretty awesome, but she needs to fully understand how to best support her MongoDB Developers from her seat.

Why they’re coming: To learn more about administration apps like MongoDB Management Service, get diagnostic and debugging tips from Principal Developer Advocate Asya Kamsky, understand how other users are handling massive growth with MongoDB and gain insight into the technical Roadmap.

  1. The MongoDB Jedi

Who they are: Wise MongoDB engineers who work on the database and support MongoDB users every day.

Why they’re coming: They love working on MongoDB and creating software for the community, and nothing gives their jobs more meaning than connecting with the users and offering hands on help at the MongoDB Days “Ask the Experts” sessions.

No matter where you are in your MongoDB education, MongoDB Days can offer you the technical depth and expert knowledge to help you scale and discover new areas for MongoDB. Want to join in? Here upcoming dates for MongoDB’s fall tour:

Don’t Delay: Reserve your seat early and save on early bird ticket prices.