5 Reasons You Should Attend MongoDB World



Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss MongoDB World, our first global multi-day event:

1. Something for Everybody

Walk away from MongoDB World with new skills, a deeper knowledge of how to use MongoDB when building and managing modern applications, and a preview of the powerful new features in 2.6.

  • Developers gain access to in-depth sessions on MongoDB basics, schema design, iterative development, data aggregation and more.
  • Ops professionals can learn sharding, replication, query tuning and new features from 2.6 to make maintaining MongoDB deployments easy.
  • Executives will hear first-hand about the wide range of applications running on MongoDB and how they can improve customer experience, accelerate time to market and reduce the cost of building new applications.

2. Join The Fastest Growing Community in Big Data

With more than 6.5 million downloads, 145,000 online education registrations, 20,000 MongoDB day attendees, and 30,000 MongoDB User Group (MUG) members in 140 groups around the world, the MongoDB community is the fastest-growing community in big data.

Over 1,000 developers, IT professionals, and executives will be there in person at MongoDB World. Make friends, build professional connections, learn from your peers, and join one of the most intelligent, dynamic, and supportive communities in the world.

3. Get MongoDB Certified

Are you new to MongoDB, but eager to learn one of the most sought-after skills in the tech industry? MongoDB World will feature specialized trainings and on-site certification exams for both developers and DBAs.

4. Hear from The Best in the Industry

Choose from dozens of sessions from industry leaders using MongoDB to solve their business problems.

Keynote speakers will address Big Data, cloud computing, Hadoop, NoSQL, and the future of MongoDB. Explore the possibilities enabled by a document-driven approach, while learning about the benefits of MongoDB for your next data-driven project.

5. Meet the MongoDB Experts

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with MongoDB kernel engineers, Architects and driver engineers in the Ask the Experts room, the real-time MongoDB support center at MongoDB World.

MongoDB experts will be available throughout the conference to answer your questions about MongoDB, help you whiteboard solutions to your most pressing problems and give you more insight into how MongoDB can help you in your current and upcoming projects.

See you there! For more information on how you can register for MongoDB World, visit our registration page. Please direct any questions to mongodbworld@mongodb.com.