5 Reasons to Send Your Team to MongoDB World

Francesca Krihely


MongoDB World is coming soon. This is the largest MongoDB Event ever, with over 80 training and conference sessions to give the community insight into the possibilities with MongoDB. Here's why your team needs to be there:

  1. Real-World technical insight into MongoDB Development and Management
  2. You can learn MongoDB online through a number of resources, but there's nothing like learning from experience. At MongoDB World, you'll hear from startups like Stripe to large enterprises like Cisco and TicketMaster and government agencies like the Department of Veterans affairs and the UK Government digital services about how they develop, optimize and manage their MongoDB installations. Your team, regardless of their MongoDB expertise, will learn from the insights and trade offs of companies in finance, retail, telecommunications and more.

  3. Learn MongoDB from Start to Finish
  4. Whether your team is building new applications with MongoDB or optimizing existing work with the database, they will walk away with critical insight into the strategies for building and deploying applications in our Prototype to Production, or P2P, track. Led by MongoDB engineers, the P2P track will walk you through 5 distinct applications and give you insight into how to leverage MongoDB's unique feature set to solve critical problems in application development. Each application will have three consecutive sessions dedicated to different facets of the application, including schema design, key features, data aggregation options like Hadoop, hardware considerations and deployment strategies. From application developers to DBAs, everyone will walk away better prepared to build applications with MongoDB.

  5. Get Certified
  6. On site certification for developers and DBAs will be available at MongoDB World. The exam is offered every online every six weeks. At MongoDB World, we will offer in-person proctored exams for attendees to make the most out of their time at MongoDB World.

  7. Network with the Fastest Growing community in Big Data
  8. Conferences are only as valuable as the attendees in the hallway track. The largest MongoDB event ever will bring together global leaders from the fastest-growing community in big data. Your team will have the opportunity to network with core MongoDB engineers, core community leaders including the MongoDB Masters, MUG organizers and other experts in the community. Attendees will network at special interest group tables, Birds of a Feather sessions, in the hallway track and at the MongoDB after party at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. There's no other place where your team can share knowledge and practical experience with their peers who have faced similar technical challenges. As Charity Majors of Parse said, "My favorite part about MongoDB Days is getting to meet all the other people who are running MongoDB at scale... I came back from the last MongoDB conference with all kinds of ideas for scaling and tuning my systems."

  9. See the future of MongoDB
  10. While there is always the opportunity for your developers to talk to a core MongoDB server engineer on IRC, there's nothing quite like discussing the future of MongoDB face-to-face with your peers. At MongoDB World, the core MongoDB development team, led by CTO and Co-founder, Eliot Horowitz, will discuss future project development with the community. Your team's insight into the future roadmap will equip them to make better decisions about your deployment and architecture. Give your team access to this insight and the opportunity to lobby for their top priority changes and design directions directly with the team that builds the database.

Thinking about sending your team to New York City for MongoDB World? Don't delay! Early bird prices for MongoDB world end on May 23. Save over $300 on tickets and register today!