260,000 Students Later: MongoDB University Celebrates its Two Year Anniversary



By Shannon Bradshaw, Director of Education at MongoDB

We’re at MongoDB SF 2012 and Andrew Erlichson has a crazy idea. “Let’s create free online classes on MongoDB and make them available to everyone in the world.” CEO Dwight Merriman and President Max Schireson love the idea, and within days a small team at MongoDB begins building out the first two courses, M101 and M102.

In October 2012, we open enrollment for the first MongoDB University courses. Andrew and Dwight announce the courses over a webcast from New York City. By the time Andrew and Dwight walk from the webcast back to their desks 1,000 people have already registered for the inaugural courses.

Two years later, we’ve expanded MongoDB University to help professionals around the globe build their MongoDB expertise from start to finish. With 260,000+ registrations, MongoDB University now hosts five online MongoDB courses, making it easier than ever to get started building and administering MongoDB. In collaboration with Udacity, we created a data wrangling course to help Data Scientists take advantage of MongoDB.

MongoDB professionals can also formalize their expertise through our growing Certification program for Application Developers and Database Administrators. Finally, we expanded our in-person training to include classes on MongoDB Diagnostics and Debugging, Advanced Data Modeling, MongoDB Advanced Operations, and more. Through these courses, we reach thousands of individuals each year and help them get their MongoDB projects off the ground. Needless to say, we are excited about the next two years of MongoDB University.

As we celebrate the two year anniversary of MongoDB University, I wanted to take this time to thank our students and the collaborators who have given us the critical feedback we need to build excellent online education and in-person training experiences. Over the next two weeks, we will be featuring stories from our alumni and MongoDB Certified Professionals to highlight the amazing things they are doing with MongoDB. Finally, a huge thank you to all of our MongoDB University instructors and teaching assistants who help our students complete their courses with success.

If you haven’t started with MongoDB University, have a look at the course catalogue. The next sessions of MongoDB for Node.js Developers and MongoDB for Python Developers are still open for registration.