10 Things (You'll Love) About MongoDB.live


Over the course of a year, the coronavirus pandemic has left a lasting impact on every aspect of the tech space — including applications, data, business models, and much more. To help developers build new skills and adapt to this new landscape, MongoDB.live will include keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, and Q&A panels on the present and future of data.

MongoDB.live will run from July 13-14, and will have something for everyone — whether you’re a seasoned DevOps engineer or a new database administrator. Here are ten things to look forward to at MongoDB.live:

  1. Learn a new skill — whether it’s an unfamiliar topic that piques your curiosity, or a subject you’ve always wanted to know more about. With countless workshops and talks spread across 9 tracks, from Security and Operations to Backend Development, there’s something to address all interests and abilities.

  2. Hone your soft skills too — in case you’re up for a promotion or have your eye on moving into management. You’ll learn how to empower direct reports, build inclusive teams, streamline inefficient processes and workflows, and much more.

  3. Be the first to get the scoop on MongoDB product releases. See what’s new in MongoDB 5.0 and Atlas — and sign up to preview and beta test the latest features.

  4. Drop in on a partner talk to see how MongoDB interfaces with other companies and technologies. Learn how to use different drivers, platforms, libraries, or languages in tandem with MongoDB.

  5. Dive into the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn to build a complex, multi-cloud IoT project using MongoDB and PeerIslands, see how Bosch.IO used MongoDB to revolutionize automotive IoT and quality assurance testing, or examine the ethical dilemmas of IoT design.

  6. Make the most of the MongoDB platform. Learn to monitor performance on Realm Sync, optimize data flow with Atlas Data Lake, and validate schema in MongoDB to prevent data inconsistency.

  7. Rethink everything you know about data and development. Attend talks on reimagining the way coding is taught, see how Rent the Runway uses MongoDB Atlas to help automate its warehouse operations, and experience the (r)evolutionary new capabilities of MongoDB 5.0.

  8. Follow along with step-by-step tutorials for everything from mastering the use of the MongoDB command line to securing your cloud-native applications.

  9. Check out exciting new stacks and development frameworks, including FARM (FastAPI, React, and MongoDB), JAMStack with MongoDB, and more. Speed up innovation, reduce risk, and build better applications.

  10. See how other companies are using MongoDB to stream live data, sequence the coronavirus, or migrate to the cloud. Listen to talks from organizations like HSBC, Porsche, Shutterfly, and Oxford Nanopore, see interesting projects, and pick up some inspiration for yourself.

This is just a small sample of what to expect at MongoDB.live. This free, virtual event will be bursting with plenty of other activities, including networking opportunities, interactive Q&A panels, games, and much more.

Register today to reserve your seat. We can’t wait to see you there!