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MongoDB Charts Gets Embeddable

Jane Fine

Releases, Charts

MongoDB Chart’s latest feature is embeddable charts and MongoDB Atlas users are the first to get a preview of it. Now you can present your users with live charts from your data and you can do it without writing stacks of code.

Coming Soon - MongoDB Atlas as a native service on the Google Cloud

Leo Zheng

Releases, Cloud

Building and managing applications with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud is about to become even easier. That's because we are pleased to announce an expanded technical and business partnership with Google which will bring MongoDB Atlas into the Google Cloud Console.

MongoDB Atlas Can Now Feed jSonar's AI-Powered Security Platform

We asked jSonar to introduce their latest MongoDB focused enhancement to their product in this guest blog. jSonar's Database Security 2.0's flexible architecture is now able to leverage MongoDB's integrated auditing capability with MongoDB Atlas. This enables enterprise users who are migrating their workloads to MongoDB Atlas to have an even more complete view of their whole operational security status.

Atlas Mapped: Analytics Nodes To Power Your BI Now Available

In this edition of Atlas Mapped, your regular update on MongoDB's cloud managed service, we're introducing you to a feature on MongoDB Atlas, Analytics Nodes. We mentioned them in the last Atlas Mapped and wanted to explain how they work. Analytics nodes allow you to have one or more nodes in your MongoDB cluster that are dedicated to handling your analytics workloads.

Stitch Triggers Get Scheduled

Stitch Triggers are powerful tools letting you run functions automatically when some change happens in your database or when a particular authentication event occurs. There is, though, another workflow where you may want to run functions automatically - at particular times of the day and regularly. This workflow applies to, for example, an evening consolidation run, an early morning validation, an afternoon report, or pulling fresh data regularly from an API. Now, a new breed of Stitch Trigger is answering that need. Say hello to the Scheduled Stitch Trigger.

Official MongoDB Go Driver Now GA and Ready For Production

Mat Keep

Releases, Developer, Go

Today, we are making the official MongoDB Go driver Generally Available (GA). We welcome everyone to the first day of a new generation of production-ready Go and MongoDB applications.

The MongoDB Go driver entered beta testing in December 2018. Since then, it's been downloaded thousands of times, generating valuable feedback from the community that has enabled our engineers to move development forward to today's GA release. Take a look at the beta announcement if you want to learn more about why we invested in building an official Go driver, and how we use Go at MongoDB.

New Monitoring Integration for MongoDB Atlas Metrics in Datadog

MongoDB Atlas customers are now able to harness the application stack monitoring power of Datadog thanks to a new live metrics integration between the two services.

The MongoDB Atlas and Datadog monitoring integration allows customers to pass live performance metrics to a Datadog dashboard using an API key.

Atlas Mapped: New Cross-Region VPC Peering And 60 Regions

The MongoDB Atlas platform is constantly evolving and in this new, regular column, we're going to summarize what's launched in Atlas over the past few weeks to get you up to speed with its rapid evolution. In this edition, Atlas Cross-Region VPCs arrive, AWS Stockholm gets Atlas and M700s, Controlling maintenance times, custom database roles and workload isolation for analytics.

New 0.7 Release of the MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes Beta

New 0.7 Release of the MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes Beta

The MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes enables you to automate your deployment of MongoDB in Kubernetes clusters. The operator leverages the power of MongoDB Ops Manager and MongoDB Cloud Manager providing you a simple single Kubernetes interface for MongoDB deployment and management.

In this release 0.7, we spent a significant amount of time in the plumbing dealing with state reconciliation. Our Operator can now manage state synchronization between Kubernetes and MongoDB making it easy to handle state changes and provide a more reliable operational experience. For a complete description of the changes see the release notes.

Release Notes:
MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes 0.7 Release Notes

For download and installation instructions:
GitHub Repository for MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes

Want Ops Manager updates faster? Introducing Rapid Releases!

We're announcing an additional new Ops Manager release schedule: the Ops Manager Rapid Release, designed to let you test the latest updates to Ops Manager. Customers will be able to download and try out a new build of Ops Manager around every three weeks.