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Official MongoDB Go Driver Now Available for Beta Testing

Mat Keep

Releases, Developer, Go

We’re pleased to announce that the official MongoDB Go driver is moving into beta, ready for the wider Go and MongoDB community to put it to the test – we think you’ll really like it.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  1. The growing importance of Go
  2. How we use it today at MongoDB
  3. Our rationale for building a new driver
  4. Resources to get you started with it.

Go Migration Guide

MongoDB has released an official driver for the Go language that is appropriate for all supported database operations. This driver implements the Core and API specs, and supports MongoDB 3.2 and above.

Many developers have been using community contributed golang drivers such as mgo and variants or forks of it. Developers who are interested in migrating to the official MongoDB Go driver have many considerations when approaching a migration of their application code. This migration guide is intended to provide guidance on some commonly found differences in client code when using the MongoDB Go Driver, and present potential actions to be taken during a migration.

MongoDB Go Driver Tutorial

Tim Fogarty

Releases, Developer, Go

With the official MongoDB Go Driver recently moving to beta, it's now regarded as feature complete and ready for a wider audience to start using. This tutorial will help you get started with the MongoDB Go Driver. You will create a simple program and learn how to:

  • Install the MongoDB Go Driver
  • Connect to MongoDB using the Go Driver
  • Use BSON objects in Go
  • Send CRUD operations to MongoDB