GIANT Stories at MongoDB

Triggers Arrive on MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB's new Atlas Triggers are bringing the power of MongoDB's serverless Triggers directly to MongoDB Atlas databases. Atlas Triggers provide a database-centric way of automating common tasks and allow for the decoupling of scheduled operations from applications.

Aggregation Pipeline Builder Comes To Atlas

This week we have released the Aggregation Pipeline Builder in MongoDB Atlas. This tool allows developers to quickly learn, test, and visualize the power of MongoDB’s aggregation framework through a simple user interface.

Coming in MongoDB 4.2 - 1: Wildcard Indexes

Wildcard Indexing is a new feature in MongoDB 4.2 which can dramatically simplify how you handle documents with variable fields and structures. Find out more in the first of our 'Coming in...' feature previews.

Kafka is Coming - Previewing The Official MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka

We're happy to announce that an official, native and fully-supported MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka is in development. An alpha release of that work is now available. Find out more about our roadmap for what we are building and our other plans for our new Connector.

Building a MongoDB Billing Dashboard - Part 2

In the second part of this two part article, Ronan Bohan shows you how to use turn the billing data from part one into stylish and informative dashboards full of insight.

Solving the Stitch Challenge: Rules & Webhooks

Week four of Eliot's MongoDB World Weekly Challenge had $4000 up for grabs to whoever best showed their skills with MongoDB Stitch's Rules and Webhooks. Find out what the solution was and learn how you can create your own API to your Atlas database.

Building a MongoDB Billing Dashboard - Part 1

In this two part article, Ronan Bohan shows how to use MongoDB Atlas, the Atlas API, Stitch, and Charts to create a billing dashboard to report on your own organisations MongoDB use. It's a deep dive into the power of MongoDB Atlas.

Solving The Trigger Challenge

In week three of Eliot’s MongoDB World Weekly Challenge, you were tasked with setting up MongoDB so that actions were executed as data was inserted into the database using Triggers. Triggers are great for reacting to changes in the data so let's look at how we can put them to work, solve that problem and learn more about this great Stitch feature.

Atlas Plus: Load Sample Data For Easier Learning

It's easier than ever to get up and working with MongoDB with the new MongoDB Atlas Load Sample Data feature. One click and you get a set of essential datasets loaded into your database giving you the data you need to start your exploration.

Solving the Charts Challenge

In "Eliot’s MongoDB World Weekly Challenge - Week Two, you were set a task which involved using MongoDB Charts to answer some questions around where to send and house MongoDB engineers. Charts is a great way to visualize data, so even if you didn't do the challenge (there's one every Wednesday up to MongoDB World), you can still be a winner because we're going to show you how to get the solution.