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MongoDB World Hackathon 2019 - Winners

We have been blown away by the creativity of all the projects submitted for the MongoDB World Hackathon. In total 75 teams submitted projects on a wide range of topics: healthcare, games, machine learning, IoT, and more. You all did a fantastic job!

But we do have to choose the winners. There are over $42,000 worth of prizes to be won. The top 3 teams will be flown out to MongoDB World in New York City. They will present their projects on stage and the first place winner will be chosen by an audience vote - winning $10,000! Without further ado, here are the winners:

MongoDB’s Official Brew Tap Now Open And Flowing

We know macOS users love using Homebrew, aka Brew, "the missing package manager for macOS". Its made life so much simpler installing both open source and freely available applications - it lets anyone create a tap to make their software available. That is why we are very happy to announce that we now have our own official MongoDB Tap which makes it simpler than ever to install the latest MongoDB.

Hacking For Single Mothers And Kids In Poverty

One of MongoDB's core values is "Build Together," and that value is one that reaches outside the company too. We saw that value embodied in the Femisphere Codeswitch, which is one of the many reasons we were proud sponsors of the event that brought single mothers and coders together to build apps.

MongoDB: The Most Wanted Database by Developers for the 4th Consecutive Year

Since 2011, Stack Overflow has taken the pulse of the developer community, revealing the top trends, technologies, and work priorities for software engineers around the world. The survey always provides fascinating insight, and 2019 was no exception with nearly 90,000 developers completing it. And now the results are in, and its another good year for MongoDB.

Announcing the MongoDB Diversity and Innovator Scholarships for 2019

Diversity is a core value of MongoDB and to make sure that there is diversity, it is essential to create real opportunities. That's the idea behind our Diversity and Innovator Scholarship programs which have been in place since 2014 and 2016 respectively. These scholarships are now open for applications and nominations until April 19th.

Her Story: WDB Consulting

In the final installment of our series highlighting women who founded companies that run on MongoDB, we're featuring, Danielle Da Silva Monteiro, Co-Founder of WDB Consulting.

Her Story: SixPlus

We continue to share the stories of inspiring women who've founded, run, and continue to scale their companies. Today, meet Evelyne White, Founder, and CEO of SixPlus. SixPlus has been dubbed the OpenTable for groups. Their website and app helps you find and book the best private and semi-private spaces for private group dining events of six or more people.

Women's History Month: Scaling Your Career

A lot has changed in the last 100 years since women first had a chance to vote in the United States. But new major issues have risen for women: climbing the career ladder, work-life balance, and gender bias to name a few. With Women's History Month occurring this month, we at MongoDB organized our first-ever event, co-hosted by the MongoDB's Women's Group, bringing together women and allies from the tech industry to discuss ways women can grow their careers.

2019 William Zola Award Nominations

Community is core to the success of MongoDB and the people that use it. This year is the fifth year we've held the William Zola Award for Community to honor those whose contributions to support have made a significant difference to people around the world. The William Zola Award for Community Excellence was created in 2014 to honor those whose support contributions make a significant difference to people around the globe.

One of our strongest Community Support advocates was William Zola, who passed away unexpectedly in that year. William, Lead Technical Services Engineer at MongoDB, had a passion for creating user success and helped thousands of users with support problems, much of it on his own time. William was so effective at meeting users in their time of distress that people often asked for him by name on the MongoDB User Forum. Most engineers at MongoDB went through his customer skills training to learn how to create an ideal user experience while maintaining technical integrity. William taught us the following.

  • How the user feels is every bit as important as solving their technical problem.
  • We should work to solve the problem and not just close a case or ticket.
  • Every user interaction should drive the case one step closer to resolution.
  • It’s all about the user.

Over time, William’s advice and philosophy towards user success came to permeate MongoDB’s entire organization and community.

The Award

This year at MongoDB World we will announce the 2019 winner of “The Zola.” We will award an individual who has offered exceptional support to our community in line with William’s philosophy. The winner of the Zola will receive a complimentary hotel stay while at MongoDB World along with a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.

Today we open nominations and begin the search for this year's winner of the Zola. MongoDB users who support others on StackOverflow, MongoDB Google Groups, at a MongoDB User Group, or in person through ad-hoc or structured mentoring are all qualified to receive the award.

Nominations will be accepted until April 30th, 2019 through this form, so please send in names of people who have positively impacted your experience with MongoDB. Individuals will be judged on the impact of their work and their demonstration of William’s values.

William’s extraordinary contributions are remembered in users like you who pass along your knowledge of MongoDB and do it with gusto. Even if you do not qualify for the Zola now, there is always an opportunity for you to contribute to the MongoDB ecosystem by sharing your ideas and experience on StackOverflow, the MongoDB User Forum and in your local communities.

Tell us who you think should receive this year's “Zola”.

Submit your nominations today


  • $1,000 Amazon Gift Certificate
  • Ticket to MongoDB World 2019
  • Hotel stay during MongoDB World

How Winners Will Be Selected

MongoDB will pick the winning applicant by May 8th and will notify the winner via email. The winners will be chosen based on a combination of user votes and contributions made to the community.

For more information see the Zola Award Terms and Service.

Her Story: Klickly

Meet Cooper Harris, Founder and CEO of Klickly, in the second post in our series for Women's History Month. Learn more about her story, values, and journey to the C-suite.