GIANT Stories at MongoDB

This blog post has charts and yours could too!

MongoDB Charts brings dynamic visualization to your data and now you can embed those live charts and graphs into web pages, apps, blogs and more. And the best part - Embedded charts are really simple to deploy.

MongoDB Atlas Can Now Feed jSonar's AI-Powered Security Platform

We asked jSonar to introduce their latest MongoDB focused enhancement to their product in this guest blog. jSonar's Database Security 2.0's flexible architecture is now able to leverage MongoDB's integrated auditing capability with MongoDB Atlas. This enables enterprise users who are migrating their workloads to MongoDB Atlas to have an even more complete view of their whole operational security status.

Atlas Mapped: Analytics Nodes To Power Your BI Now Available

In this edition of Atlas Mapped, your regular update on MongoDB's cloud managed service, we're introducing you to a feature on MongoDB Atlas, Analytics Nodes. We mentioned them in the last Atlas Mapped and wanted to explain how they work. Analytics nodes allow you to have one or more nodes in your MongoDB cluster that are dedicated to handling your analytics workloads.

Automating away IT operations: How Oakbrook Finance runs Likely Loans on Microservices and MongoDB Atlas

Matt Bettinson really likes automation. He likes it when things just work. Matt's an infrastructure engineer, which means he's part of the team that is responsible for building and managing the technology platform that allows hundreds of thousands of people to responsibly seek financial support from Oakbrook Finance and its flagship product Likely Loans. As you can imagine, it's not a simple job and a couple of years back Matt's team had a problem: time. There wasn't enough of it.

Calling the MongoDB Atlas API - How to do it from Go

After last week's article on how to access the Atlas API with Node, Python, and Ruby, I was asked why didn't I mention Go (among other languages). Well, no need to worry. Here's an extra slab of Atlas API access in Go.

Stitching Sheets: Using MongoDB Stitch To Create An API For Data In Google Sheets

Thanks to MongoDB Stitch, it is easier than ever to integrate web services with MongoDB. In this example, we are going to use it to make calendar data flow between Google Sheets and MongoDB, complete with Google Sheets menus and an optional slack bot to access the data in MongoDB.

Calling the MongoDB Atlas API - How to do it from Node, Python, and Ruby

The real power of a cloud-hosted, fully managed service like MongoDB Atlas is that you can create whole new database deployment architectures automatically, using the services API. Getting to the MongoDB Atlas API is relatively simple and, once unlocked, it opens up a massive opportunity to integrate and automate the management of database deployments from creation to deletion. The API itself is an extensive REST API, there's role-based access control and you can have user or app-specific credentials to access it.

There is one tiny thing that can trip people up though. The credentials have to be passed over using the digest authentication mechanism, not the more common basic authentication or using an issued token. Digest authentication, at its simplest, waits to get an HTTP 401 (not authorized) from the web endpoint. That response comes with data and the client then sends an encrypted form of the username and password as a digest and the server works with that.

New Monitoring Integration for MongoDB Atlas Metrics in Datadog

MongoDB Atlas customers are now able to harness the application stack monitoring power of Datadog thanks to a new live metrics integration between the two services.

The MongoDB Atlas and Datadog monitoring integration allows customers to pass live performance metrics to a Datadog dashboard using an API key.

Developer Spotlight: ArchitectNow And Building A Software Development Firm To Last

Kevin Grossnicklaus is the Principal of ArchitectNow, a successful software development firm located in St.Louis. Using MongoDB Atlas and Microsoft Azure, his team designs, builds and launches robust web and mobile applications for startups and Fortune 100 clients alike.

The Top 5 Reasons to attend a MongoDB.local conference

I recently attended (and spoke at!) my first MongoDB.local (or .local for short) in Dallas, Texas. If you've been wondering if it's worth taking a day out of your busy schedule to attend one, the answer is, "Yes!" Here are my top 5 reasons why.