GIANT Stories at MongoDB

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake Debuts at MongoDB World

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake is a new member of the MongoDB Atlas family which has just been announced at MongoDB World and is available in public beta. It brings the technology that has made MongoDB the most popular document database in the world and applies it to the great data lakes of the cloud. As companies have accumulated more and more data in cloud storage like Amazon S3, so the need to process that data effectively has risen.

With MongoDB Atlas Data Lake, you use the MongoDB Query Language, which is built for rich, complex structures and work with data stored in JSON, BSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, and Parquet formats. Data is analyzed on demand with no infrastructure setup and no time-consuming transformations, pre-processing or metadata management.

Triggers Arrive on MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB's new Atlas Triggers are bringing the power of MongoDB's serverless Triggers directly to MongoDB Atlas databases. Atlas Triggers provide a database-centric way of automating common tasks and allow for the decoupling of scheduled operations from applications.

Aggregation Pipeline Builder Comes To Atlas

This week we have released the Aggregation Pipeline Builder in MongoDB Atlas. This tool allows developers to quickly learn, test, and visualize the power of MongoDB’s aggregation framework through a simple user interface.

MongoDB Atlas Users Get New Support And Backup Options

With new options for Atlas support and more customisation for Cloud Provider Snapshot backups, MongoDB Atlas keeps on improving the experience for developers and administrators looking to deliver better value.

Workload Isolation with Atlas and Charts

MongoDB Charts on Atlas now supports Workload Isolation, ensuring the queries used to generate visualisations do not interfere with transactional workloads. Find out how you can put Workload Isolation to work for your charts.

Building a MongoDB Billing Dashboard - Part 2

In the second part of this two part article, Ronan Bohan shows you how to use turn the billing data from part one into stylish and informative dashboards full of insight.

Building a MongoDB Billing Dashboard - Part 1

In this two part article, Ronan Bohan shows how to use MongoDB Atlas, the Atlas API, Stitch, and Charts to create a billing dashboard to report on your own organisations MongoDB use. It's a deep dive into the power of MongoDB Atlas.

Atlas Plus: Load Sample Data For Easier Learning

It's easier than ever to get up and working with MongoDB with the new MongoDB Atlas Load Sample Data feature. One click and you get a set of essential datasets loaded into your database giving you the data you need to start your exploration.

Atlas Mapped: Private Network Peering on Azure & GCP

The MongoDB Atlas platform is constantly evolving and the Atlas Mapped series keeps you up to date with what's launched in Atlas over the past few weeks. In this edition, we look at the latest in private network peering options available on Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

This blog post has charts and yours could too!

MongoDB Charts brings dynamic visualization to your data and now you can embed those live charts and graphs into web pages, apps, blogs and more. And the best part - Embedded charts are really simple to deploy.