Ricardo Wölker

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Democratizing Data Access With Plain English, Cogram, and MongoDB

Access to information is important for our world and the applications that power it. Today, the disparity in access has narrowed, but not enough. The proliferation of the document database and its flexible data model has unlocked a velocity and freedom that SQL systems will never unlock. It’s time to remove the burden of query languages for users early in their journey. That’s why we are launching an early pilot with Cogram, the startup building the world’s first Mongo Query Language (MQL) generation platform for natural language. The early-stage company is on a mission to democratize data access by allowing users to query data irrespective of their technical background. Cogram is working toward a future in which humans can access and manipulate any data through natural language. Cogram is partnering with MongoDB to enable language-driven data exploration. While it is still early days, users can log in to the tool, enter an English-language question for five collections from our sample dataset, and execute the generated MQL to see the results. Here are some questions to get you started on the Sample Supply Store dataset: Find one sale. What's the average customer satisfaction in Denver? What's the percentage of customers in Denver who used a coupon? How many users have an email address that contains ‘em.uy’? Find two sales. Get the last inserted sale. Show all store locations. Show all unique tags. What are the top five tags? Find all customers who use gmail. Show me all customer email addresses that end on ‘.sh’ What are the three most common store locations? What's the average price of all items? How many customers used a coupon? How many times was each item sold? Additionally, we’re excited to have Cogram included in MongoDB for Startups , our program for early-stage, high-growth startups. Designed to help founders and CTOs build and grow data-driven organizations with MongoDB, the program provides a wide range of resources, including MongoDB’s best-in-class data platform, personalized technical advice, and access to our robust developer community. Get a first look by signing up for a Cogram account and testing it out.

April 22, 2022