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Differentiating Proven Services Partners with MongoDB Services Certification

Local languages: Français | Italiano Services and consulting firms are a fundamental part of MongoDB's go-to-market strategy. With our rapidly growing ecosystem of services partners, the decision to recognize organizations who have invested the time and resources in building up their MongoDB expertise is an obvious one. We want to make it immediately apparent to our customers which of our services and consulting partners have a deep technical understanding of MongoDB. To that end, we’re announcing the general availability of the MongoDB Services Certification Program . The program will have three separate tracks: Certified Development Partner Certified Operations Partner Certified Training Partner (by invitation only at this time) To become certified, partners should maintain at least 5 certified individuals in their company for any single track. Training partners will need to pass the train-the-trainer exam and be formally approved by our educational team. Certified services partners enjoy success in the market; it’s no coincidence that Infusion , our partner of the year, is a Certified Partner. “Becoming a MongoDB Certified Services Partner was a no-brainer for us. We use MongoDB to allow our enterprise clients to access their data in forward-thinking and innovative solutions. Certifying our consultants demonstrates our commitment to provide industry-leading solutions that take advantage of the most disruptive technologies.” Kayla Spiess, Director of Partnerships, Infusion MongoDB has always invested heavily in education and training. All existing partners can enjoy free access to self-paced, on-demand training and get discounted access to in-person private and public training. Today, we're strongly encouraging partners to certify and differentiate themselves in front of our joint customers. If you are a partner and interested in certifying, please read more about the requirements and benefits here . For any questions on MongoDB Services Certification or application process, please contact . Interested in becoming a MongoDB Partner? Learn More > Apply Now >

July 18, 2014