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MongoDB Named One of the 25 Highest Rated Public Cloud Computing Companies to Work For

At MongoDB, we are very proud of our culture and were recently recognized by Battery Ventures in their “25 Highest Rated Public Cloud Computing Companies To Work For." This is a list based on Glassdoor ratings and reviews left by employees. We’ve entered this list for the first time and we are really honored to be featured on it.

T-7: The Countdown to Prize Challenges and MongoDB World's Latest Talks

As MongoDB World 2019 gets closer so does the pace of the challenges we’re putting out there for you. As we write this, there’s little over a day to go before the MongoDB World Hackathon closes its doors for submissions. If you missed out though, we’ve got something even more fun in store.

Eliot Horowitz, our CTO and co-founder, has been busy assembling a digital data obstacle course which can be conquered using MongoDB’s data platform and applications. Every week in the run up to MongoDB World, he’ll inviting you to take one of these challenges on. Do you have the skills needed to complete the challenges? Prove it in Eliot’s Weekly MongoDB World Challenge. It all kicks off this Wednesday 1st May and there are prizes for those who complete the challenges fastest.

Building with Patterns: A Summary

As we wrap up the Building with Patterns series, it’s a good opportunity to recap the problems the patterns that have been covered solve and highlight some of the benefits and trade-offs each pattern has. The most frequent question that is asked about schema design patterns, is “I’m designing an application to do X, how do I model the data?” As we hope you have discovered over the course of this blog series, there are a lot of things to take into consideration to answer that.

MongoDB’s Official Brew Tap Now Open And Flowing

We know macOS users love using Homebrew, aka Brew, "the missing package manager for macOS". Its made life so much simpler installing both open source and freely available applications - it lets anyone create a tap to make their software available. That is why we are very happy to announce that we now have our own official MongoDB Tap which makes it simpler than ever to install the latest MongoDB.

MongoDB and Realm make it easy to work with data, together

The best thing in the world is when someone just gets you, and you get them, because when you share a vision of the world like that, you can do incredible things together. That’s exactly the case with MongoDB and Realm, so I’m very happy to report that MongoDB has just entered into an agreement to acquire Realm).

T-8: The First Look At The MongoDB World 2019 Talks

Another week closer to MongoDB World 2019 and we have our first detailed look at the agenda. Also, the Hackathon closes soon and get your tickets before the end of early bird pricing.

Building with Patterns: The Schema Versioning Pattern

It has been said that the only thing constant in life is change. This holds true to database schemas as well. Information we once thought wouldn’t be needed, we now want to capture. Or new services become available and need to be included in a database record. Regardless of the reason behind the change, after a while, we inevitably need to make changes to the underlying schema design in our application. While this often poses challenges, and perhaps at least a few headaches in a legacy tabular database system, in MongoDB we can use the Schema Versioning pattern to make the changes easier.

Hacking For Single Mothers And Kids In Poverty

One of MongoDB's core values is "Build Together," and that value is one that reaches outside the company too. We saw that value embodied in the Femisphere Codeswitch, which is one of the many reasons we were proud sponsors of the event that brought single mothers and coders together to build apps.

This blog post has charts and yours could too!

MongoDB Charts brings dynamic visualization to your data and now you can embed those live charts and graphs into web pages, apps, blogs and more. And the best part - Embedded charts are really simple to deploy.

MongoDB Charts Gets Embeddable

Jane Fine

Releases, Charts

MongoDB Chart’s latest feature is embeddable charts and MongoDB Atlas users are the first to get a preview of it. Now you can present your users with live charts from your data and you can do it without writing stacks of code.