GIANT Stories at MongoDB

Atlas Plus: Azure gets more Atlas sizes

Dj Walker-Morgan


There's now a wider range of Atlas instances on Azure. It's particularly good news for users looking for smaller but dedicated options as a dedicated M10 cluster on Azure now starts from as little as $78 per month.

There's more though. We've been completing our availability map and now M10, M80, and M200 sizes of MongoDB clusters are available in all regions. So you'll be able to have that best-value M10 where ever you want it. We've also been reconfiguring some of our most popular clusters. In particular, the M60 clusters now start with 64GB of memory, up by 8GB.

MongoDB World 2019 is open for registration

We're pleased to announce that we've opened the doors for registrations for 2019's MongoDB World event. This means you can get early bird pricing for tickets to the event that is the center of gravity for the MongoDB universe. Once you are registered you'll be set to spend June 17th to June 19th in New York City surrounded by the MongoDB community.

Build something fun in the MongoDB World Hackathon

Launch your editors! Fire up your soldering irons! Go and git init your repos! MongoDB is hosting a 10-week long competition for the world's hackers, designers, and makers. The top 3 teams will win a trip to New York City where they will present their projects on stage at our annual conference, MongoDB World 2019. There's a bunch of prizes to be won, including $10,000 for first place! So get ready to team up, learn about new technology, and bring your ideas to life in the MongoDB World Hackathon from February 20 to April 30.

Atlas Mapped: New Cross-Region VPC Peering And 60 Regions

The MongoDB Atlas platform is constantly evolving and in this new, regular column, we're going to summarize what's launched in Atlas over the past few weeks to get you up to speed with its rapid evolution. In this edition, Atlas Cross-Region VPCs arrive, AWS Stockholm gets Atlas and M700s, Controlling maintenance times, custom database roles and workload isolation for analytics.

How Roswitha Found the Right Career at the Right Time

Jess Katz


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to re-enter the workplace after years of taking a break? Many people who experience a long gap in their resume are nervous about applying for a new job. The good news is that most companies value your experience and skills as long as you are passionate and able to adapt quickly.

Roswitha Remling, a Tech Support Triage Engineer at MongoDB, experienced this first-hand. Before she came to MongoDB, she took a break from working for several years to explore the world and learn about what it was she really wanted to do. She's visited 92 countries, 7 continents, and has even learned how to fly a plane!

Building with Patterns: The Computed Pattern

We've looked at various ways of optimally storing data in the Building with Patterns series. Now, we're going to look at a different aspect of schema design. Just storing data and having it available isn't, typically, all that useful. The usefulness of data becomes much more apparent when we can compute values from it. What's the total sales revenue of the latest Amazon Alexa? How many viewers watched the latest blockbuster movie? These types of questions can be answered from data stored in a database but must be computed.

Ten Years On, Still Going Strong - The MongoDB-User Community

This February is the ten-year anniversary of the creation of the mongodb-user group, a group which has been and still is the backbone of the MongoDB community. From its early days as a founder-supported channel for help and feedback, it has evolved through various forms from a nexus for support question to now, where it is a space where the MongoDB user community can share their knowledge - and that's a lot of knowledge with thirty-four thousand topics. With twenty-two thousand users, it's also where MongoDB Inc employees can make the fastest connections with that community.

Mobile Sync for iOS Now In Beta

We know you've been waiting for it and now here it is, the beta release for MongoDB Mobile Sync for iOS is now available. Ever since the Android version of Mobile Sync entered beta, we've been asked when would the iOS beta appear and now, it's here and ready for you to start developing your next, great mobile app.

Building With Patterns: The Outlier Pattern

So far in this Building with Patterns series, we've looked at the Polymorphic, Attribute, and Bucket patterns. While the document schema in these patterns has slight variations, from an application and query standpoint, the document structures are fairly consistent. What happens, however, when this isn't the case? What happens when there is data that falls outside the "normal" pattern? What if there's an outlier?

Make It Better For Everyone - Monkigras 2019

Dj Walker-Morgan


Monkigras is a small conference in the UK with a big reputation. While it was originally founded as a conference about beer and software, under RedMonk Co-Founder James Governor's curation, it's become one of the most relevant conferences in the UK, turning its eye in the past to sustainable craft, packaging, homebrew, and Scandinavia. And beer, some of the finest local new small scale brews being available throughout Monkigras. For 2019, Monkigras took on the theme of "Accessible Craft: Creating great experiences for everyone" and put together a superbly diverse line up of speakers, including MongoDB's own Joe Drumgoole and Steph Johnson.