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Questions we got at AWS re:Invent

Peter Zawistowicz
December 09, 2016

Last week, the MongoDB team had the pleasure of attending the world’s foremost cloud computing conference. At AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, we heard our CTO explain how Thermo Fisher reduced mass spectrometry experiment times from days to minutes, we announced the general availability of MongoDB 3.4, and we formally introduced MongoDB Atlas to the AWS community.

Here are some of the most popular que...

Thermo Fisher moves into the cloud with MongoDB Atlas & AWS

Leo Zheng
December 08, 2016

Biotechnology giant uses MongoDB Atlas and an assortment of AWS technologies and services to reduce experiment times from days to minutes.

Thermo Fisher (NYSE: TMO) is moving its applications to the public cloud as part of a larger Thermo Fisher Cloud initiative with the help of offerings such as MongoDB Atlas and Amazon Web Services. Last week, our CTO & Cofounder Eliot Horowitz presented at ...

Travellers Instantly Browse Billions of Recommendations With MongoDB-Powered New Amadeus Flight Search Portfolio

Mat Keep
December 07, 2016

I’ve got $600 and I want to escape to somewhere warm for winter – where can I go? Answering that question efficiently is a tricky data challenge but it’s increasingly the type of query travellers are asking. That’s why Amadeus called on MongoDB to help build an Instant Search application which can browse billions of travel options across multiple criteria in real time. Travel site KAYAK is already...

How to Evaluate MongoDB 3.4 Using Your Existing Deployment in MongoDB Atlas

Andrew Davidson
December 05, 2016

MongoDB 3.4 was just released with support for graph processing, multi-language collations, read-only views, faceted navigation, powerful new aggregation operators, numerous performance improvements, and more. MongoDB 3.4 is available in the MongoDB Atlas database service today, so you can quickly and easily deploy new clusters and try it out. But what’s the best way to evaluate MongoDB 3.4 agains...

Upstate Hacks 2016 Postmortem - MyCart

Declan Hopkins
December 02, 2016

This is a guest post from one of our community members, Declan Hopkins.

This past October marked the 8th installment of the bi-annual Hack Upstate, a hackathon where developers, designers, and innovators from Upstate New York come together to build some seriously awesome stuff. I attended with my team member and friend, Arthur, and we took home a prize for the best usage of MongoDB, awarded to us ...

Listen to Eliot Horowitz on the Future of the Database

Peter Zawistowicz
December 01, 2016

"The main motivation for people trying out MongoDB and adopting MongoDB really came around from developers wanting to be more productive."

Six years after MongoDB was open sourced, we’re still thinking about how to empower software engineers by making app development more efficient and productive. Our CTO and co-founder, Eliot Horowitz, recently sat down with Jeff Meyerson, host of Softw...

MongoDB 3.4 is available in Atlas and Cloud Manager

November 30, 2016

Concurrent with the release of MongoDB 3.4.0 yesterday, we are happy to announce that Atlas clusters can be upgraded to MongoDB 3.4 immediately, if desired (you can stay on 3.2, and we’ll keep you up to date on that, too!).

Additionally, you can now add 3.4 to your version manager in Cloud Manager.

We here in the Cloud team at MongoDB are super excited about the release of 3.4, and we ho...

Cisco & MongoDB: E-commerce Transformation

Mat Keep
November 30, 2016

Migrating a Major Revenue Generation Platform to Improve Customer Experience

The recent Launchpad event in San Francisco was the venue for our announcement of MongoDB 3.4. This new release offers a major evolution in capabilities for users seeking to address the emerging opportunities presented by digital transformation. Even before MongoDB 3.4, many of the world’s most progressive and innovative ...