MongoDB for the Akana Platform

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The Akana Platform provides an end-to-end API Management solution for designing, implementing, securing, managing, monitoring, and publishing APIs. Akana analytics engine relies on MongoDB to provide a massively scalable, reliable and globally distributed database to meet growing and evolving business needs.

Running the Akana platform in production and for mission critical processes? We highly recommend that you use MongoDB Enterprise Advanced – offering the advanced security, operational automation, proactive support and disaster recovery to seamlessly run your Akana platform. It also includes a commercial license and indemnification. Organizations around the world, from Fortune 100 enterprises to the most agile startups, trust MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to run mission critical applications.

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MongoDB Community Server MongoDB Enterprise Advanced
Automated Deploy, Configuration, Maintenance, Zero Downtime Upgrades Cloud Manager Premium or Ops Manager
Encrypted Backup and Point-In-Time Recovery Cloud Manager Premium* or Ops Manager
Monitoring and Alerting Cloud Manager Premium or Ops Manager
Visual Query Profiler and Automated Index Rollouts Cloud Manager Premium or Ops Manager
Encrypted & In-Memory Storage Engines
Debug Performance and Manipulate Data With MongoDB Compass
Connect to SQL Based Visualization Tools with MongoDB Connector for BI
Security: Role-Based Access Control, PKI Certificates, SSL/TLS, Field-Level Redaction, Read-Only Views
Advanced Security: LDAP Authentication & Authorization, Kerberos Authentication, Auditing
Platform Certification
On-Demand Training
Support SLA 1 hr
License Type AGPL Commercial
Download MongoDB Community Server Download MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

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