Webinar: MongoDB Deployment Checklist

Wednesday September 10th 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT / 6:00pm UTC

When deploying new software, it's important to address all the critical questions on your pre-production checklist before you flip the switch. In this webinar, we'll address ten critical tips for going into production with MongoDB. We'll cover topics such as schema design, indexes, sharding, hardware and back ups as they relate to your deployment. At the end of this session, you'll know which questions to ask before you deploy and how to answer them, such as:

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Webinar: MongoDB Operations for Developers

Thursday September 11th 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT / 6:00pm UTC

Are you a developer that built a MongoDB app that you now need to manage? This session will jumpstart your knowledge of MongoDB operations.

We'll provide an overview of installation, high availability through replication, scale out through sharding, and options for monitoring and backup. It's a lot to cover, so we'll make sure to point you to additional resources that will be helpful to you as you start managing your application.

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Gain a Competitive Edge in Financial Services with MongoDB and Pentaho

Wednesday September 17th 9:00am PDT

Join this live webinar and learn how to build rich analytical dashboards that provide a single view of clients, risk, market conditions, and more. With the combination of Pentaho and MongoDB, it’s drastically simpler and faster to build meaningful views by aggregating data from a variety of internal sources (customer, transaction, position data) and external sources (social networking, central bank, news, pricing) for more timely and complete data, analytics, and dashboards. Accessing and blending disparate internal data along with external data creates challenges – join this webinar to learn how to overcome them.

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Webinar: Single View of the Customer

In this webinar, Jim Duffy, Director of Solution Architecture for Financial Services, MongoDB and Andy Ross, Practice Director, Infusion will demonstrate how MetLife, the largest US insurer used MongoDB and services from Infusion to create a single view in just 3 months - after struggling for nearly 8 years with other solutions. Airing twice for your convenience, register for the 2PM GMT time slot or register for the 2PM EDT time slot.

MongoDB for Omni-Channel Retail - A Seamless Customer Experience

Tuesday September 30th 10:00am PDT

You want to improve your customers' experiences and make the most of marketing money spent with targeted promotions. This webinar will explore the core systems needed to unify online shopping data, in-store analytics, loyalty programs and social media to give you a 'single-view-of-the-truth' of your customers' preferences. It will also cover integrating your inventory data and competitive information in real-time to further improve profitability and customer retention.

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