Webinar: How MongoDB is Used for Tick Data

Tuesday May 13th 11:00am EDT

Managing tick data is a problem that every financial firm must tackle; this data is never easy to manage, whether building a custom solution or using a proprietary solution. Throughout Capital Markets, the momentum behind the use of MongoDB as a tick data solution is growing rapidly; in particular on how financial firms are enjoying using MongoDB as a tick database for capturing, analyzing, and taking advantage of opportunities in tick data.

This webinar illustrates how MongoDB can easily and quickly store variable data formats, like top and depth of book, multiple asset classes, and even news and social networking feeds. It will explore aggregating and analyzing tick data in real-time for automated trading or in batch for research and analysis and how auto-sharding enables MongoDB to scale with commodity hardware to satisfy unlimited storage and performance requirements.

Jim Duffy: About the speaker

Jim Duffy is the Business Architect for Global Financial Services at MongoDB. In this strategic role, Jim advises senior business stakeholders within financial services on how to shape, foster continuous improvement and drive business transformation initiatives within their organisations using MongoDB. Prior to MongoDB, Jim has lead teams implementing solutions for 19 years, the 13 most recent years have been directly working in Financial Services.

Kunal Taneja: About the speaker

Kunal Taneja is a Solutions Architect for MongoDB based in London. Prior to MongoDB Kunal has held roles as an Data Architect at SAP, and Enterprise Architect at Oracle. Kunal has over 10 years of experience working with Data and Information Architectures. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from University of New South Wales and is currently pursuing a Masters in Quantitative Finance.

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