Product and Asset Catalogs

Product and Asset Catalogs store lists of products, property, equipment, inventory and other assets, as well as the associated metadata. Examples include apps for eCommerce, retail inventory management and commercial fleet management.

Business Outcome

Traditional Product and Asset Catalogs help businesses keep track of assets and basic characteristics associated with them. Today, however, leading organizations, however, using MongoDB to do more with these catalogs and drive drive:

  • New revenue streams, like Carfax’s vehicle history database.
  • Better customer experience, like Orange’s omni-channel product catalogs across retail, web and telephone.
  • Faster time to market, like UnderArmour’s product catalog, updated on the fly to stay ahead in the competitive sports apparel market.

Customer Examples


  • Agility. The assets tracked by the business today may change tomorrow. The database should not stand in the way of doing so.
  • Diverse Data. Asset catalogs may comprise data from on many types of assets. Orange has to track hundreds of pre- and postpaid plans, smartphones, tablets and accessories. Federating these into a single database is hard.
  • Granular Access. Organizations may need to search and browse a product catalog across dozens of dimensions, like brand, size, price and color.
  • Scalability. Carfax has 11 billion records to date. Criteo manages 1.5B ad units. The relational database was not designed for workloads this big.

Why MongoDB

  • Dynamic schemas in MongoDB allow the technology organization to add new products and features — like recommendations — without disruption to the application.
  • Documents in MongoDB make it easy to store different assets with different attributes — like shirts, shoes and soccer balls — in a single place.
  • Rich query language, indexing and analytics provide flexible access to information, however the business may need to find it.
  • Horizontal Scaling makes it cost-effective to manage as many shirts, trucks, parcels or any other asset required by the business.

Your Partnership with MongoDB

Let us help you do more with your product and asset catalogs. MongoDB Enterprise will get you to success faster with lower effort, cost and risk. Through consultative, proactive support we partner with you from development to production. Take advantage of management tools, zero-downtime upgrades, disaster recovery, enterprise-grade security, OS certifications and on-demand training. Contact us to learn more.

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