Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) refers to a system that provides developers access to database capacity — storage, reads and writes — on-demand.

Business Outcome

Leading organizations are building DBaaS solutions to:

  • Foster innovation and experimentation, like Goldman Sachs’ internal private cloud with MongoDB as a core data service;
  • Improve time to market, like a Top 5 investment bank using its MongoDB-backed DBaaS to reduce the number of steps required to deploy a new app;
  • Cut costs, like a top media company that built an internal DBaaS to improve infrastructure utilization.


  • Agility. The purpose of a DBaaS is to improve developer agility, but relational databases impose rigid schemas that are can inhibit rapid development.
  • Diverse Applications. The underlying database must be able to support a wide variety of applications and data using a single data model.
  • Scalability. The database must also be able to support large numbers of apps and users in a multi-tenant environment — traditionally a challenge for relational databases.

Why MongoDB

  • Dynamic schemas in MongoDB are aligned with the agile mentality behind the DBaaS.
  • Documents in MongoDB offer a flexible model that can support myriad data types and applications.
  • Rich query language, indexing and search enable CMS to serve the right content to the right user at the right time.
  • Horizontal Scaling allows organizations to build out infinitely scalable DBaaS systems.

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