Content Management

Content management comprises a diverse set of applications that store and serve content, as well as the associated metadata. These apps include e-commerce websites, online publications, web content management systems (CMS), document management, archives and others.

Business Outcome

Basic content management systems can handle simple content and associated metadata. Next-generation content management solutions, however, can incorporate myriad data types, present and repurpose them dynamically, and support numerous delivery channels, to:

  • Increase user engagement, like MTV’s unified CMS that makes it easy to roll out new features and channels for any of its 200+ web properties.
  • Accelerate time to market, like Craigslist’s ability to cut out months of downtime previously required to update its archive.
  • Decrease infrastructure costs, like eBay’s Zoom system that consolidates all media metadata across the 500 million items listed on the site.

Customer Examples


  • Agility. Today’s CMS is not just a storage system, it is a platform. Users continue to demand new features and products, and if the CMS cannot support those because the database is too rigid, business suffers.
  • Diverse Data. A modern CMS must be able to handle not only basic text, photos and documents, but also social media feeds and other new sources of data.
  • Dynamic. Users also demand dynamic content, and it is hard to accommodate this with traditional relational databases.
  • Scalability. An internal app may support thousands of users. But a photo-sharing app or news website may grow to attract millions of users -- like Craigslist. The database must support a user base of any scale.

Why MongoDB

  • Dynamic schemas in MongoDB provide a simple way to stay agile and accommodate new features.
  • Documents in MongoDB lend themselves to combining structured and unstructured data in a single data store.
  • Rich query language, indexing and search enable CMS to serve the right content to the right user at the right time.
  • Horizontal Scaling allows organizations to support millions of users.

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