PetaMongo: A Petabyte Database for as Little as $200

Miles Ward, Amazon Web Services

Christopher Biow, Principal Technologist and Technical Director, MongoDB

November 13 2013


1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. On demand. Online. Live. Big doesn't quite describe this data. Amazon Web Services makes it possible to construct highly elastic computing systems, and you can further increase cost efficiency by leveraging the Spot Pricing model for Amazon EC2. We showcase elasticity by demonstrating the creation and teardown of a petabyte-scale multiregion MongoDB NoSQL database cluster, using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, for as little as $200 in total AWS costs. Oh and it offers up four million IOPS to storage via the power of PIOPS EBS. Christopher Biow, Principal Technologist at MongoDB covers MongoDB best practices on AWS, so you can implement this NoSQL system (perhaps at a more pedestrian hundred-terabyte scale?) confidently in the cloud. You could build a massive enterprise warehouse, process a million human genomes, or collect a staggering number of cat GIFs. The possibilities are huMONGOus.