Partner Development Subscription

The MongoDB Partner Development Subscription supports you in every phase of your software, hardware or service integration with MongoDB, from implementation through to testing and version updates. Your project teams will have full access to training materials to get them familiar with MongoDB and the added functionality available with MongoDB Enterprise. Our engineers will then work with your team to ensure that the integration of your solution with MongoDB is:

  • Functionally and technically sound
  • Designed according to established best practices
  • (Technology Partners) On track to becoming Certified on MongoDB Enterprise

Whether you are incorporating MongoDB into a service offering or integrating with your existing software, the Partner Development Subscription will help move your project into production and give your organization a solid foundation on which to build future solutions with MongoDB.

Note that Partner Development Subscriptions are available only to existing partners. Partner Development Subscriptions are also not to be used to support the production deployments of joint customers.

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Introductory Price: $10,000

Make the most out of your partnership with MongoDB

Partner Development Subscription Components

The Partner Development Subscription runs for a 1-year term, providing access to all of the elements needed for successful project delivery for up to 2 contacts in your organization.

  • Professional Support. Unlimited support (via phone and web) from the engineers who build MongoDB. Technology partners receive assistance with building and updating their software and hardware integrations, while services partners receive guidance on their proof of concepts.
  • Market Development Fund. Half of your expenditure on Partner Development Subscriptions will be placed in a market development fund (MDF) to be used on approved joint marketing (events, webinars, etc). The funds within the MDF will cover up to 50% of the cost of any single joint marketing project, and must be used within the 1 year term of the Partner Development Subscription.
  • Unlimited Servers. You are covered for however many servers you decide to use for development, staging and test.
  • Advanced Capabilities. Unlimited access to the value-added functionality available with MongoDB Enterprise, including advanced security, on-premise management and backup (currently beta) to verify operational processes and certified binaries.
  • On-Demand Training. Your organization will gain access to online instruction for developers and DBAs delivered in a private, secure hosted learning environment.

Note that Partner Development Subscriptions do not cover the production environments of your customers. Your customers should purchase MongoDB Enterprise for their production deployments.

Community Partner Development Subscription


Support Availability: Database Design,
Architecture and Test
Community Forums MongoDB support: 9am – 6pm Local, M – F
SLA N/A 4 Hour SLA for first response to P1 Issues
Number of Servers N/A Unlimited
Certified Binaries

Advanced Capabilities

MongoDB Management Services (MMS) Monitoring Cloud Only Cloud & On-Prem
MMS Continuous, Incremental Backups Cloud Only Cloud & On-Prem
MMS Point-in-Time Recovery Cloud Only Cloud & On-Prem
Kerberos Authentication
SSL Encryption
SNMP Integration


Free, Online Education
Private, On-Demand Training


Market Development Fund